#Nokia DC-301 & DC-801 are beautifully designed car chargers

After they publicly announced Nokia 3, 5 and 6, HMD also made available some accessories like headphones or covers for the announced devices. Some accessories can be found on the official Nokia site, while for others we don’t know until some retailer put it on sale. That happened with the beautifully designed Nokia DC-301 and DC-801 car chargers, that surfaced on some Finnish webstores.

Nokia DC-301
Nokia DC-801

We contacted HMD asking for confirmation that these products are actual Nokia-branded HMD-made accessories, and HMD said yes, adding that they don’t plan separately announcing first generation accessories, after we asked why no announcement was made.

Both chargers are equipped with 2 USB ports, while the DC-801 also supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge technology. Both are expected in August for a price of about €15 for DC-301 and €30 for DC-801.

Via: Suomimobiili.fi 

Verkkokauppa.com: Nokia DC-301 & Nokia DC-801

  • Rocky

    Damn, that’s beautiful 🙂

  • You’re so beautiful, So damn beautifullll,
    Said you’re so beautiful, So damn beautiful
    Beautiful 😛
    That thing looks so nice made WOW “Nokia Design” Clean and Simple 🙂

  • I currently use a charger from Xiaomi. Looks great! It also includes a white led in the inside, so looks beautful when you’re driving in the dark.
    Need to see how Nokia one does the job. Any idea about the power output? My Xiaomi is 2.4A on both ports. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/44adf51ac061a8c2a30b7d4b756e390a49cdae7c776f4dda9b7615faa786d384.jpg

    • Verkkokauppa says 2.4A for the 301 (don’t know if it is both pprts), while no mentioning for the 801. That’s why and official site would be simpler for customers.