July Security Update out for #Nokia 3 and 5 *UPDATED*

Credit: Suomimobiili.fi

HMD Global earlier this month sent an OTA (Over the Air) update, in fact the first one, for Nokia 3 and Nokia 5, that brought the Google Security Updates for May (3) and June (5), alongside some UI and performance improvements. It’s obvious that this month is July, so HMD today (for some even yesterday) released the July Security Update for Nokia 3 and Nokia 5.

The update is about 115MB for the 5, probably the same for the 3 and consists just of the July Security patch. You can download it by accessing System Updates in Settings. The Nokia 3 is still on Android 7.0 and users have to wait a little longer because MediaTek and HMD aren’t done with the 7.1.1 upate.

It’s great to see that HMD keeps it promise of keeping the whole lineup up to date. 🙂

Source: Suomimobiili.fi

Update: As NPU reports, changes for Nokia 3 include UI enhancements and improved stability.

  • God of chaos

    Just updated my Nokia 5. It’s nice to see such good support from an Android OEM.

    • Michael

      Samsung S8’s were updated 2 weeks ago. S7’s S6’s Note4 J7 J5 etc have all been updated as well.

      • Michael

        Didn’t want the other person to delete his comment that he thought it was great HMD (an OEM as he put it) is providing great support to their lineup.

        It’s just a security update. I say *just*, but they are important. Samsung, notoriously late for providing OS feature updates has been very prompt with the security updates, at least as far as July was concerned.

        I’m a little surprised it took HMD so long to get out this July security update. I hope they’ll be on top of things with OS/feature updates since I thought that was one of the major points going with a pure Android. Happy users (getting a prompt OS update is like an early Christmas present) spreading their happiness in forums is a nice form of free marketing. If they can prove over the course of a few updates, that they can keep up and provide them soon after release, that will also get more and more coverage (free positive marketing).

        This *isn’t* just a make or break it for the HMD and the Nokia brand, this is very important to Nokia the company if they are serious about growing their Withings investment and getting big into the health side of things. I’d be surprised if they could grow that side of the business if the Nokia brand begins losing respect. Details matter.

        Perhaps a bit of too much concern on my part…It is *just* a security update after all 🙂

  • Any info about Release date of 7.1.1 update for Nokia 3?