HMD is constantly improving its product thanks to your feedback

Long anticipated Nokia 6 came to the market in January, as a Chinese exclusive. Back then we still didn’t know much about the quality of the device which came from the collaboration of the HMD and FIH. Few weeks had passed and some users reported that letters of the Nokia logo situated at the back of the device (by the way, to me the most beautiful part pf the 6) were falling off. Since we didn’t see the device ourselves, we didn’t want to spread that info.  Recently we got the Nokia 6, TA-1000 model, in our hands and noticed the same thing. First the letter I went off and then followed the K. We reached the HMD regarding this problem and they told us that the particular problem has been present with the early Nokia 6 models, and has been solved few months ago. Regarding the device we were told to return the unit back to the reseller and ask for the new one. So, just to summarize the whole thing, in EU we are still waiting for the global version of the Nokia 6 to arrive and we went for the Chinese version that had Google Play installed. Well, that is great but obviously reseller bought the older models of the 6. Another problem is that somehow reseller flashed the device with Hong Kong firmware that has Google Play and we cannot get the latest update.

We would suggest for everyone in the world to wait for the global version of the device to avoid potential problems described before in the text.

I am glad that HMD Global is taking things seriously and in the meantime amazed how quickly HMD reacts to the user’s feedback to improve their product. This is not common for bigger manufacturers, but this little startup that came to the existence little over a year ago is able to do it. Actually, we expect them to keep things right since it is Nokia’s name in question. While I would love to see the Nokia 6 and other devices in the store, I prefer them to be error free and to function properly.

  • I would have loved to see Nokia name designed/Written in the metal itself. Like “NOKIA” written in the polycarbonate shell of lumias or Nokia etched in the polycarbonate shell of the Nokia X. 🙂
    They are listening to customer’s feedback 🙂 I hope they listen to my feedback too. I want Nokia 1(If that will be really announced in future) or Nokia 2 to be running on Sailfish OS. Plz HMD plz 🙂

    • If they carved the Nokia logo on the back it would pile up dirt.

      regarding your feedback, keep it real and they will listen 🙂 Anyway, I’m cheering for that one

      • EricLovesSymbian

        EricLovesSymbian says:

        You think so? I’m not too sure about that… The Nokia logo will be between .5mm to .7mm if it’s etched in there. How much dirt or pocket lint can it hold?

        I believe the USB port and the headphone jack could accumulate much more dust and dirt and lint.

        And about sailfish, I believe more people need to view it as a stable platform with longevity and updates and full access to Google’s play store. A little marketing and advertising and word of mouth would help …

        • Check your earphone carve and you have the answer. Definitely wouldn’t look nice after few months. We are constantly touching our devices, wiping them and dirt just piles up. Check any kind of technical device with carved logo.

        • Sailfish will work more fluently than Android on low end hardware and hence i want it to be on those phones. Check Intex Aquafish. 🙂

      • My Nokia X hasn’t accumulated any dirt in it. 🙂
        My feedback was real because Nokia has done it in the past with those devices. 🙂

    • EricLovesSymbian

      EricLovesSymbian says:

      Hey, are my comments too aggressive, too long or too critical?
      Be honest… I think I’m writing too much stuff on this site and I may alienating myself.
      Please reply…


      • marty farrell

        You are good Eric. Speak the truth.

        Also if HMD comes out with stupid price mid range game over.

        • EricLovesSymbian

          EricLovesSymbian says:

          Thanks man…

          I sometimes feel like I write comments that are too technical, too critical, too long and verbose for most people.

          With attention spans shortening due to media, inundated with commercials, etc, I feel like my writings sometimes make people shun away from hearing what I have to say, or they say to themselves, oh great, this guy again…

          Either way, thanks man.

          • I read all your comments. Be it short or be it longer than the article itself. 🙂 They are good. You share your thoughts with those comments. 🙂

          • EricLovesSymbian

            EricLovesSymbian says:

            Thanks buddy…

  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    Here’s some feedback!

    1. Don’t take out the LED notification light… Leave it in there and let “US” decide if we want it to function or not

    2. But all bands in the phone, in order to make it truly a global phone. (The Nokia 6 works in the US but on AT&T, it’s missing band 66 I think so full 4G LTE cannot be obtained) … As a result of purposely not including this, it will hurt sales.

    3. Have a quicker roll-out. Don’t make us wait half a year for a phone that already has dated hardware

    4. Put the most recent hardware in the phone.

    5. Watch video that critique the camera on hundreds of YouTube comparisons with the Nokia 6 and fix the alogrithm for low light photos

    6. Include what people nowadays call always on display.

    7. Include double tap to wake

    8. Consider using 7000 series aluminum in the higher priced phones (not 6000 series, if warranted)

    9. Throw in a couple Nokia exclusive features, themes, user interface tweaks so Nokia could look and feel different and differentiate itself from the other 4.3 billion Android phones out there.

    10. Add a front facing flash. If a $50 dollar Blu R1 HD can include this, so can Nokia.

    11. Change the camera housing ASAP it’s too plain and seems like it’s been given up on.

    I reserved the right to skip talking about increasing battery capacity and changing the screen to AMOLED, and bezel size, and a couple of other things… But these 11 things should be addressed in my opinion.
    This phone has a lot of potential. A lot!

    Nokia should capitalize on the strengths of this phone and address the issues swiftly or, within 4 months, the Nokia 6 (version II, or 2018 version) should be coming out.

    For heaven’s sake, give us a black theme throughout the entire phone…. Please!

    • Hahahaha! They won’t listen to you, cause you love Symbian :p

  • That’s kinda shitty. You would want a company to get it right the first time. What happens to all the people who got earlier version of the phone? That’s really bad on Nokia’s part.

    • HMD said they can exchange it for a new(er) model.

      • Saying is different from doing. Try with your retailer, does it take your unit back?

        • The retailer has only Chinese units and I want to try to get a global variant 🙂 I mean, they will be out before my warranty expires (2 years)

          • But since they said that they have fixed the issue, you should have it replaced with the one with Logo intact 🙂

          • They said I can send it, but the store (warehouse) is in Poland, meaning that about 2 weeks the process will take. And they have only the Chinese and I first want to try to exchange it for a local version. 🙂

          • Cool 🙂

  • Can you also ask them about support for Android Auto? I guess that matters too, no? 🙂

    • I did. They said it’s the app’s fault. I tried to contact Google, but I got always redirected to the support pages. AFAIK, 2 users so far reported the problem, right.

      • Right. Only two for now 🙂
        It is android and you shouldn’t expect much support from Google, that’s why I’m more concerned that Nokia should look into it 🙂

      • Received a new comment.

        “I can’t use Android Auto with my Ford Ranger in Australia…..disappointed!!”

        Do we have anybody reporting that he/she successfully used Android Auto with Nokia 6? If not, I think these three cases are enough for Nokia to look into the problem 🙂 Not everyone has an Android Auto compatible car, and then not each one of those have a Nokia 6.

        • We will contact HMD and notify you. It’s good you noticed it.

  • disqus_2YDaoEnTww

    I have a Nokia 6 TA1000. Like many other owners, I have been having issues with it working on Android Auto (AA). HMD hasn’t exactly been forthcoming with any assistance, aside from attributing the problem to Google.
    The last I heard from some user forums was that the most recent firmware update to Android 7.1.2 appears to have resolved the issue.
    Unfortunately, this does not help me. The TA1000 comes with a Chinese customised rom and updates get frozen at 7.1.1. – April 2017
    However, I am pleased to be able to report now that I have finally found a solution. My conclusion is that the problem relates to the power saving management of AA working in the phone background.

    The solution is to simply exclude AA from the phone power saving management.
    And just in case, to also exclude Google Maps (GM) as well. Having got AA working for a week now, I can confirm with confidence that the solution works. Of course, you may also experiment with not excluding GM, to regain some power saving benefits.

    On the TA1000, you exclude AA and GM from power saving management as follows;
    Settings > Battery > Background activity manager
    Set AA and GM as exception apps.

    My Settings preference in AA if you are interested;
    Auto-launch OFF
    Use Bluetooth = OFF

    So don’t throw away the Nokia 6 TA1000 yet. It’s after a great phone.