Symbian users should check out new app store – SiStore

If you are a die-hard Symbian user, or still using your beloved Symbian operated Nokia device, you know that quite an effort is needed to find a .sis file of some wanted app. Current Opera store is not so rich in apps, but there are some great substitute store, or better say .sis depositories.

For many years you were able to use AppList, but now there is a SiStore, a place where you can also find .sis files of many apps. You can even download a firmware for some devices, which is quite cool feature.

If you want to see the store go to its page at, or if you are impatient you can download directly the .sis file of the store on your device.

Hope you will find everything you need there to keep your Symbian Nokia device running a bit more.


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  • Hey EricLovesSymbian! This is specially for you. 🙂

    • EricLovesSymbian

      EricLovesSymbian says:


      This article definitely put a huge smile on my face!!!!!

      I have a huge smile right now.
      Seeing the name Symbian gave me such excitement, I couldn’t press on the link to open it fast enough.

      Many people may read my comments and think that I’m being sarcastic or facetious in regards to my love for Symbian, but I’m not.

      I truly appreciate and respect the awesomeness that Symbian had implemented within it’s operation.
      The features, the incredible efficiency in terms of battery life, the stability of the operating system, the fundamental basics of giving the user unlimited access to the phones functions and critical info, and so on.

      What a truly wonderful article!

      Thank you to the owners of this site for keeping the flame alive! Your dedication to Nokia is unparalleled.

  • Abhimanyu Chauhan

    is there an symbian phone with 4g volte support

    • I don’t think so. Last Symbian phone came out in 2012.

    • EricLovesSymbian

      EricLovesSymbian says:

      Unfortunately, I think I read somewhere that Symbian wouldn’t be compatible with 4G. I’m not sure if this is true or if this is an opinion, but I’m sure there are more knowledgeable readers on this site that have the answer to this question.

      Symbian was truly ahead of its time! There are so many things that I see in iOS and Android that have stemmed from Symbian. Ever since the Nokia N8 came out, the features and the way in which the operating system like and feels has been adapted in apples iOS and Android since 2013-2014.

      My resentment and viceral hatred for elop is due to his removal of Symbian from the here horse race.

  • Dalibor B Slavenski

    Unfortunatelly assholes from what’s up ( or who bought them ) are lazy for support to symbian, or even older android devices