Nokia 6 and 5 coming to India in mid-August

HMD Global is currently facing difficulties since it is not able to reach all the planned markets at desired dates previously given. However, HMD is trying to get things right and pushing itself on bringing the devices that are most wanted sooner to the market, especially at the Indian market which is of much interest for them. In an official statement sent to the NPU, HMD (Nokia Mobile India) said that the demand for the Nokia 3 is huge and that they increased the production of the device in India. In the coming weeks, they will start producing the Nokia 6 and Nokia 5 according to the NPU, since Nokia 3 has priority.

Unfortunately, the beginning of the Nokia6 and Nokia 5 sales is also moved to the mid of August.

I understand that it is better to experience the problems with logistics and productions in early start than later when flag ship model will be presented and put into production. But the waiting is making fans go crazy, and the whole situation reminds me of Nokia Lumia 920 arrival which was 6 or more moths late. After all, HMD isn’t Nokia or Microsoft, so let’s give them a chance.



  • Viccky maurya

    @mightym so you still think HMD will do justice with Flagship?

    • Yes! I think they will surprise us soon πŸ™‚ They are Nokians at Heart πŸ™‚ Stay Positive man. This was just for these 3 phones. They are selling their phones well in other countries. We are facing problems because of the problems in manufacturing facilities in India itself. You know very well how things work in India. “SLOW”. Calm down man. Just forget it. πŸ™‚

      • My OnePlus 5 is made in India. Available within days of the global launch 😎

        • It was their OP5! 5th gen phone from them. These new Nokia’s are 1st gen for HMD Global. They didn’t have established manufacturing units in India. They stated from scratch. πŸ™‚ OP had already made a lot of OP5’s and those phones were waiting to be picked up from their warehouses πŸ˜›

          • The OnePlus One didn’t take this long either πŸ˜€
            I cannot trust the established manufacturing. Because it is Foxconn in question. And the collaboration was announced last year. 7+ months and if they still could not set up manufacturing, then they never can πŸ˜‚

          • Viccky maurya

            I still think that they are financially weak…

          • Hahaha! Wouldn’t be expanding everywhere and advertising on TV in that case

          • Rce

            By the way isn’t one plus the brand whose service centre guys asked 40,000 rs for an 28,000 phone and a brand who promised about regular updates and then suddenly One plus X,One plus 2 has stopped receiving any further upgrade..πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‰
            Oh and one more thing as far as i remember you had to get shitty invites for purchasing an One Plus 1,one plus 2,one plus x devices in India up to 2016,and had to go through flash sales to purchase an One Plus 3,and they launched One Plus 3 with great RAM management issues…πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‰πŸ˜
            And you’re boasting about one plus brand in front of a brand called Nokia,true fanboyism…πŸ˜‰

          • Viccky maurya

            Yes, i saw Rs. 40000 case in a youtube video @sharmajitechnical . It was really funny that how 1+ making customer fool
            on name of service.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

          • I addressed that in my comment above. If you also look at the quote, it included the back aluminum housing as well. It’s just a quote, not the components actually billed. Some mistake on the service center’s part too, but more seems to be on the part of that person who went to the service center and didn’t inquire properly.
            Sharmaji is the noobest tech channel out there. Gained popularity because of the free Jio services.
            Countless other guys covered it too. The ones with some brain addressed it the way i did, the others behaved like they’ve never got anything repaired by a service centre.

            Individual components will always be expensive. For any phone you pick up. For amy brand you pick up.

            Should I also start complaining that a mere flex cable of my Rs. 7000 worth Nokia phone costed Rs. 1500? And the service centre still installed an aftermarket cable? Come on man.. Get some life πŸ˜€

          • no man. @singhnsk:disqus is right. If you go and check the price of every component in the service center you will be charged almost 2x the price of phone. This is how these companies make money. By selling spares and accessories. Its same in case of every company. Didn’t you see geekyranjit’s video where he was charged 28k for the screen of samsung flagship phone? This should be addressed IMO. How can they charge more than the cost of a phone.

          • True fanboyism to OnePlus, that’s why I’m here daily, that’s why I run a Nokia blog. Thanks! When you experience something good, it just comes out. The bads do as well.

            The individual components of phones are always expensive. If you go to a service centre and buy everything that is used in a phone, then your phone this way will be 2x expensive of its actual cost price. That’s not only for OnePlus. Pick up any ABC brand, including OnePlus and you’ll be in the same boat. That was a quote about an expected bill. Because you cannot estimate which components are working fine and which aren’t. You can only check them when you start assembling it back.

            Updates is certainly a problem. OnePlus said it and failed, Nokia is saying it for now, Motorola said it and now it has kinda started failing too. So, we will see going forward when HMD starts customizing their ROM to make it stand out. They eventually need to, because competition. There is the VFM factor too, for Nokia, you will actually be paying a premium as compared to OnePlus. Nokia can use that to spend on software development. But they are spending big on advertising too. Hopefully they’ll keep some budget for software.
            But updates aren’t that big of a problem either. If you give people a functional and stable Android phone, most of them will not complain. Because new Android versions aren’t bringing any groundbreaking improvements. They are just incremental updates, finetuning an already amazing OS. I’m not saying that updates aren’t needed, but many will just not care about it. I’ve seen people who just do not update their stable phones for months, because they are rather worried about the update bringing in a new bug rather than improvements. BTW, OnePlus 2 just received an update a few days back, it’s just that OnePlus plans to not bring an Android version upgrade to the 2.

            The invite system was stopped soon after the OnePlus 2 was revealed. In fact, the invites were flowing much faster with the launch of 2, than they were with the One. It wasn’t that hard to grab a 2 since invites via the company were also sent regularly.
            Anyways, invites was a way to market and do inventory management. I’d rather buy a phone via means of invites rather than not being able to buy it at all. Do you get my point, you have hopes with the invites. You can jump some queues and get an invite by crook, at least you can do something.

            Don’t forget that Nokia 6 will be sold under flash sale in India. OnePlus has never sold its phones under any sort of flash sales. Oneplus 3 was a ready stock too. I purchased it on the launch date. It’s only the invite system and when it was taken down, the phones have had a ready stock. Of course there were stock outs too, but they were replenished soon and that happens with every company. You order the usual way and you get it delivered to your doorstep.

            RAM management issue. Right, it wasn’t an issue actually, it is your way of thinking. The development team thought to not keep too many apps in the memory because that can affect battery life. The review people felt it was a problem because the phone had a lot of RAM. It was sorted out within days via an OTA upgrade, same for the sRGB mode. So, honestly speaking that wasn’t much of an issue. There are certain things media just covers with added spices to make it feel like a big deal. Nevermind, whether you call i an issue or a feature, it was fixed, very soon, not worth complaining.

            Instead of all these, you should’ve rather mentioned about OnePlus cheating the benchmarks. That is actually an issue. Not saying that people still buy phones by looking at benchmark results, just that it is an overall unfair thing to do. Benchmarks should ne realistic.
            There are problems here and there with everybody. Didn’t Nokia also cheat with that Nokia 920 promo video? We can find n number of problems with any company. I just don’t let my fanboyism for one company leave a bad impact on the other. Oneplus has its own pros and cons. HMD does its own. And the biggest one of theirs is that they failed to deliver phones after multiple months. That is a major problem.

            BTW, true fans, like true wellwishers, always find, complain and aim for fixes for the issues with their favorite stuff so that it can be improved on. They whine about good, shout about bad.
            Fake fans just boast of something good by their fave brand, and keep boasting and whining that it is better than anybody else, ignoring all the issues which are associated with the same brand/product. The fans of this type were the ones which contributed to the failure of Nokia.

          • I like it that way. I don’t like my apps to be running in background. This is the thing which annoys me the most in Android ecosysytem. If i exi8t the app then it means i don’t want it to be running in background. That’s it. I like windows phone 8.1 for this reason. W10M is horrible. πŸ˜› Its good to not have apps running in background. πŸ™‚

          • The apps need to run because they are inter-related. They need to pull notifications and for that, they need some sort of background processes. It is not that the app is fully running in the bg. There are just the processes. You can force kill them and apps like Greenify exist. So, you have your options if you do not like them the way they are.
            Do you think all services related to a program stop when you close a program on a Windows PC?

          • “The fans of this type were the ones which contributed to the failure of Nokia.”

            I don’t agree with this sentence. Fans asked for different things but then Nokia ended up with WP and killed Symbian and MeeGo. πŸ™

          • Rce

            First of all,it’s not the fans but the choice of operating system was behind the failure of Nokia, up to 2011 despite selling over priced devices with an old symbian OS nokia was biggest mobile phone manufacturer in the world,other wise they could’ve washed out in 2007/08 itself. But,strangely those fake supporters given support to Nokia and they continued at No 1 for another 4 years..
            Now,the second part when one plus 2 released it was an invite based device so too one plus x,from december 2015 onwards one plus 2 became completely invite free..And during the launch of One Plus 2,x they promised about OS update,not only about some so called patch update which doesn’t even solve the actual issues..And,software and OS update do matter a lot to a percent of people out there,in fact the reason one plus,motorola,google nexus became popular is because of good software and software updgrades..
            Now,regarding spare parts i agree service centre people will ask more money because of raw selling of parts but that doesn’t mean a spare part cost will exceed the limit of device cost,i’ve used and using sony,lg nexus,samsung note series,lumia 830,920,1020,nokia n95,808 etc different high end flagship devices and strangely despite visiting each and every brands service centres never received a single quote where the service cost exceeded device cost, so the point that spare parts will cost more than device cost itself is not justified..
            And then so called rigging in benchmarks are just next great things there with excellent quality after sales where user gets stupid reasons for delay in changing spare parts and get some abnormal quotes after a long wait for parts..
            But,sadly there are some actual fake fans who boast about true fanboyism but rather than supporting that brand in different and tough situations they just find silly mistakes about each and everything of that so called favourite brand and actually these are the fans whose constant fake support pushed Nokia to the bottom.

          • First of all there’s a difference between something ‘contributing to’ and something ‘causing’ the failure. There can never be one lone reason for all the damages. Nokia was so big. The brand value and trust was massive. It was so great that even if Nokia made a cowdung cake, it would’ve sold in great numbers.

            The invite situation wasn’t as severe at the time of 2 and X as it was with the One. I have been a watcher. The invites were flowing faster, they were being sent officially via OnePlus and available via countless other sources. It was better than not being able to buy a phone at all. Period.

            “in fact the reason one plus,motorola,google nexus became popular is because of good software and software updgrades.” Your statement contradicts as it includes OnePlus. Motorola was made popular by reviewers because it came from Google and it came with stock Android. That doesn’t mean that Samsung isn’t selling. It does, so does OPPO and so does Xiaomi, Zenfone and all the rest. So, if Software Upgrades were that important for public, then they would only be buying Pixel/Nexus, because Motorola has started failing now with timely delivery of upgrades. I’m not denying that updates aren’t useful.

            Did you even check the quote provided by the service centre? It included literally everything that goes within a phone. If you are to do the same i.e. build a phone from scratch by purchasing all components from a service center, then you’ll be in the same boat. You will literally pay an amount more than the cost of the phone. Yes, the quote was wrong because it included components which probably did not need a replacement. That’s another story. But quote is a quote, not a BOM. The quote was probably passed on without physical inspection of the device. That’s a problem with the way Servify implements the setup with OnePlus Care.

            If you think Nokia has served its customers like God, then numerous online forums are there. You can go and search to meet hundreds of thousands of users who received bad service from a Nokia Care point. I myself am a victim where the care center installed an aftermarket flex for the price of the original. In another visit, Nokia failed to fix my Nokia 6500 (classic) because they had no antenna setup available. I was forced to dump that phone.

            Such deep fanboyism sometimes makes one blind, just like you currently are. They stop seeing the issues, they forget the past and all they see is perfection. In another news Android Auto does not work with a Nokia 6. But a blind fanboy would wanna say that HMD just started up and hence there can be issues which they should ignore πŸ˜€

    • Do justice? I think they will do flagship and sort all the problems in production and shipment till then. Actually, i mentioned that in this post and before in the comments, that pushing low and mid end phones is great strategy for beginners like HMD is, since this way they can find all the errors in the logistics and correct them without any loss.
      If this happened with supposed Nokia 9, things would be even worse then they are now.
      Chinese Nokia 6 was a test for them, while global variant was the test for manufacturer since the goal was huge, hit all the markets in one day. As you can see, not all things went well and they are correcting that.
      But, they are slow and that could hurt the sales of Nokia 5 mostly since not so many people heard about that device πŸ™‚

      • Viccky maurya