Unboxing of #Nokia Steel watch (by @techbuzzireland)

Nokia recently announced that the company will pursue its place on the “Digital Health” market by re-branding products of the acquired Withings division and overall investing more in this segment. One of the most attractive products in the “Nokia Health” family is the Nokia Steel and Steel HR analogue watches. For the Steel HR we have to wait till Fall, but the regular Steel is already available for purchase.

Jim from TechBuzzIreland did an unboxing and first look of the Nokia Steel watch, and the first impressions are that it’s light and it feels overall good and robust, also looking sleek and modern compered to other offerings on the market.

You can read more about the device and go through a gallery with lots of photos of the Steel, as well as a video unboxing, at TechBuzzIreland.com.


Nokia Steel official page: €130

  • Viccky maurya

    These are okk but I want Nokia Technologies to make Smartwatches with a new OS…hope they would do something extraoridanary under new President.😊

    • I would also like to see a Nokia smartwatch with Android Wear software, or somting else, but that seems less probable and Steel HR like watches are something people are buying nowadays. You have all the necessary info on the mobile and just important notifications on the watch (calls, meetings). I love Steel HR and would like to test that one the most.

      • Android Wear smartwatch might be launched under HMD Global. 🙂

        • Possible, but I’m not sure they will go that far. I think they will stick to the mobile phones, tablets eventually and accessories, while the Nokia (Technologies) will make everything else.

        • Viccky maurya

          No way, HMD has licensed Nokia brand only for Smartphone and Tablet(+accessories).😊