Review in progress: Nokia 6

Even though it was announced in January 2017 for the Chinese market, and February 2017 for the global, people outside China are still waiting for the official sales start of HMD’s most powerful device in the lineup, the Nokia 6. Tired of waiting, I got myself a Nokia 6 unit for Chinese market, whose unboxing you can check in this article here (,but be careful if you want to do the same). I noted there that we will wait a little bit before publishing the whole review, because we hope that the global review unit will come soon. That way we can give a more precise review of the 6, because the global and Chinese variant differ in many aspects. In the meantime, we decided to make a review in progress article that is more based on the subjective experience while using the device, rather on hard data, that we will leave for the full review.

One of the first feelings after unboxing the device and taking it in the hands, is that the device is really well built. The Aluminum 6000 series unibody is usually a characteristic of higher end phones or competitive Chinese mid-rangers, but you will quickly see that the 6 is not a “generic” device with the Nokia logo, but a very thoughtfully designed device. HMD’s Head of Design calls the design “Simple. Pure. Scandinavian.”, with basic principle of leaving only the essential design elements of the device, and that is the fundament of Nokia’s rewarded “Fabula” design was based on.

The initial set-up went pretty quickly, mainly thanks to the almost stock experience. The only apps that were installed on the initial set-up are system applications and Google Apps like the Play Store, Gmail or Chrome. As a ex – Windows 10 Mobile user, I was quite surprised that there were no restarts required to change the phone language. That feature is allegedly there since Android 5.

First few days of any device (or almost all devices) are characterized by intensive app installations and higher battery consumption that is followed by higher charging intervals. For example, first few days I had to charge the 6 more than one time per day, and these first days the device could get a little warmer than usual. After, maybe 5 days, the device endures the whole day on a single charge, sometimes ending the day with 15% left. Approximately 1-2% of battery life is spent over the night, depending of connectives left on or if you use two SIM cards.

Two aspects of Nokia 6 that I find the biggest positive surprises, apart from the already discussed build quality, are the screen and the dual speakers. The screen is IPS LCD with a 5.5-inch diagonal and 1080p (FullHD) resolution. Something that sets this screen apart from other FullHD screens in the price segment is the way it’s layered and the polarized filter on the top. The screen is made in the Hybrid In-cell technology, basically meaning that digitizer and the display are put closer, and that’s usually the case on higher end phones. We wrote something about this technology here. The addition of polarization filters, known as ClearBlack on Lumia and older Nokia devices, are responsible for outstanding sunlight readability and good reproduction of the black color. The 2.5D curved Gorilla Glass screen is a good addition as well.

The dual-speakers are quite a shocker on the 6, at least for me. The speakers are set at the bottom of the device, on the right side of the Micro USB 2.0 port, while on the other we have a microphone. The phone supports stereo sound, but the real magic kicks in when the Dolby Atmos technology is enabled. The loudness with Dolby Atmos is maybe twice as much as without (excluding max. volume), and when the “theater” mode is activated, the sound seems like it’s spreading in 360 degrees. I highly recommend turning Dolby Atmos on while listening to music or watching movies, and it works through headphones or external speakers as well. I also recommend turning it off in other occasions, because on the lowest setting it tends to be too laud and in some unsupported apps like YouTube, games or sometimes system notifications distortion is present. A short demo of Atmos can be found here.

Overall performance of the device is quite good, and in 2 weeks of usage I didn’t experience any freezing and sudden restarts. Sometimes the device skips few frames while animating the opening or closing of some apps, but that’s far from lagging. Games tend to open a little longer, and depending of the intensity and duration, the device can get hot while playing, especially if you charge it in the same time. Positive thing is that it cools down quickly and there is no better feeling for me personally than to lift up that cold aluminum Nokia 6 every morning, especially on hot days that we have a lot here on Croatia’s coast line.

The underachieving segment of Nokia 6, considering it’s a Nokia after all, is the camera. The camera overall has problems with focusing, which is not too bad considering that you can manually focus and the pictures on daylight turn out pretty good, if not great. More of a problem are photos in low-light conditions, that aren’t doing well. Of course, you can always turn on the LED flash to save the day (or night), but sometimes LED is not the best option in low light.cThe positive things are some niche setting in the camera app and the speed. The camera is not all bad, maybe it’s average in its price segment, but camera expectations from a Nokia are always high. Almost all day-light pictures look good, especially viewing it on the 6’s screen, and will look great in fact on social media sites where the picture is compressed and put through filters. When you zoom in you can notice the focusing problems and lack of sharpness in some cases.

Take a look at some photos down below.

Nokia 6 outside in shadow (Auto) [720p size]
Click here for full resolution.


Nokia 6 inside (Auto) [720p]
Click here for full resolution


Nokia 6 vs. Nokia Lumia 830 in low(er) light conditions (Auto)

We think HMD will address above mentioned problems with firmware updates, and the global version of Nokia 6 when available could come with updated algorithms, especially for focusing and low-light photography. That’s why we want to wait for the official review unit to give a judgement of the camera.

Overall, I’m quite satisfied with the Nokia 6, and as I person that values design and build quality of phones, I find an enjoyment in holding the device in hands. I also like good pictures, and hope HMD will via firmware updates stand out from the price segment, just like they did with the screen, speakers or built quality. People with different priorities could automatically turn down the 6 as a no-go, because of the average battery life (1 day) or the low-light photos. HMD also prioritized some features in their first device, mainly the design and build quality, because they want and need to prove that these devices really stand for everything the Nokia logo historically stood for. The recent remarks HMD’s CEO gave about camera in general on Nokia devices, leave us with hope for that aspect of the devices as well.

For a final in-depth review that is backed up with more objectively interpreted data and not subjective feelings and opinions, we have to wait for the global review unit, because it is a fair thing to do.

  • That Duck reminded me of Nokia X LOL

    • Rocky

      Me too LOL

      • It is a duck from X announcement 🙂 I got them back at MWC2014 🙂

        • Memories… hahaha.. The duck has become a bit dark I think. 😛

  • I told yesterday that these Nokia’s can’t compete with cameras of Lumia. I was correct. 🙁

    • Rocky

      Not surprising, they still new (at least from company perspective). That great build and screen already great start 🙂

      • They still new? They are the same people who worked for Nokia. Just the company is new. This is not correct. You can’t give such excuses. They could have done better IMO.

        • That’s correct. They aren’t inexperienced, but they need time. Most of the engineers joined the company officially from 2nd Dec last year, and HMD employs about 500 people.

          • Did you use Auto mode on both phones while shooting in Low Light?

          • Yes. Edit: I included that info in the description below the photo.

          • EricLovesSymbian

            EricLovesSymbian says:

            I honestly appreciate this site.
            I think extremely highly of you guys.
            You are up to date, you post new material constantly, you keep your readers engaged, you actually reply to us, you have an open mind to many aspects of Nokia and other electronics, and so on…

            This is truly a wonderful website for all, especially for Nokia fans…

            I really appreciate your efforts and your talent.

            It shows you put a lot of heart in what you do.


          • Thanks 😀

          • Thank you for the kind words. The Nokia flame inside is still strong and we’ll keep on pushing this blog further on. We have been writing in Croatian for past 5 years but when Jay started working as MD, i decided it is time to support Nokia in English too.


        • EricLovesSymbian

          EricLovesSymbian says:

          ( I still haven’t been able to jump on my laptop to make the account, but hopefully soon.)

          Nevertheless, Jay’s site is kinda dead.
          I have no idea what’s going on there but it seems to like he has lost interest in maintaining the site. He seems to have lost interest in keeping his followers.
          On the flip side, this site is amazing! This site is constantly updated, and the owners reply instantly. They make us feel special…

          Again, I really appreciate that you informed me of this awesome site. Thank you…

          About the photos, coming from a Nokia 808, from 2012, this 2017 Nokia camera is seriously insulting to any Nokia customer!

          The camera technology Nokia has in its arsenal should be something that blows everything else out of the water! What the hell is this garbage?

          I expected so much more!
          How dare Nokia management be okay with this sub par performance?

          In my opinion, this phone needs an AMOLED screen, decreased dimensions (by about 1.5 mm in width and about 3-5 mm in height), dual led flash, and a 300-600 mAh increase in its battery.

          Oh… And this new ZTE ZMAX XL phone I just bought is utter garbage. My ZTE ZMAX 2 is by far much better

          • Why don’t you stock up more Nokia 808 PureViews instead of buying other brands LOL. At least you will have some spare 808’s if one dies. 🙂

          • EricLovesSymbian

            EricLovesSymbian says:

            I already have three Nokia 808 phones.
            One I used for a few years, another unopened, and one that I changed the firmware on (which took a whole day).
            I went on all about Symbian, and some guy walked me thru the process. I made it a US spec version, by doing some type of software firmware update. Being in the medical field and doing these difficult electric things and seeing that it worked was very gratifying! I couldn’t believe that I actually did it…

            Anywho, I have a guy I listen to on the internet so I have a bunch of phones just in case the battery dies on one.
            Or, if I want to watch a documentary on Tupac or a random movie, this new 6 inch screen is pretty cool.

          • Regarding Jay’s Site. I think he will be back when a True/Proper/Real Nokia phone arrives. 🙂

          • EricLovesSymbian

            EricLovesSymbian says:

            Oh! And a front facing flash.
            The Blu R1 HD I have has one and it’s really convenient at times.

            The Nokia 6 is $230 here from Amazon. But if you order it with ads, (which are non obtrusive) it will be $180.

            $180 for the Nokia 6 isn’t that bad (but the camera is a huge let down, as is the mediocre battery it has)

          • Camera is the only deciding factor in smartphones IMO. Nothing else is left. Every phone can do day to day tasks be it calls/messages/Banking/shopping, etc
            Everyone knows about the camera capabilities of Nokia smartphones in the recent past. And everyone will expect the same camera capabilities on recent Nokia android smartphones. Everyone expected a best in class camera at every price range and hence so many negative reviews are popping up one after another. Playing “NOSTALGIA CARD” is not correct IMO. It was OK for Nokia 3310 but not for Nokia smartphones. I am highly disappointed. I hope they don’t ruin up.
            They should listen to their Fans.

          • EricLovesSymbian

            EricLovesSymbian says:

            I agree with you 100%!!!
            This is self sabotage!
            The world expected so much more, so much more from Nokia!

            Except for the speakerphone, I see no reason that anyone should pay extra for the Nokia 3, vs., the Blu R1 HD.

            I have the 2 GB version for over 8 months or so and I paid just $65 shipped to my house.
            And it’s a 2016 phones. The Nokia 3 is a 2017 phone, and it costs more than double! But it doesn’t offer twice the value. Just the fabled Nokia name, and an awesome speaker phone.

            I wonder if HMD can do a random search and see what kinds of phones, their 500 employees have.

            I want passionate enthusiastic people working for Nokia. (Like me, love Nokia, the owners of this site, and many of the people who comment here).

            Nokia has so much potential.
            I hope they don’t ruin it and make Nokia’s legendary image, tarnished.

        • Rocky

          That’s what I said, “company”, I don’t say that they new “in this area”. Making a great device need time, they just established in December (November 2015 actually from Finland’s company record). They need to set up everything from start (it’s pretty fast actually for global launch of a startup)

        • Viccky maurya

          They are facing financial problems..

    • The difference is a in-house engineered camera and a sensor just picked from the market. Camera is a lot about software than the naked hardware. So, unless they work on it from ground up, the quality will never be amazing.

      • Viccky maurya

        Yes, I agree. They just bought camera from any camera manufacturer and put it in their smartphones. It is not more than an oridanry camera…very hurtful Hmd…

  • Tarun Suresh

    the lowlight shots of the nokia 6 is pathetic….

  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    Hey, does anyone here know how to make the entire background black? Not the stupid wallpaper, but the theme.
    For instance, the settings and the menu background, the options, etc… Can we make it black, with white writing?

    I use Nova launcher on all these nonsense Android phones I have, in order to make it resemble Symbian. But the setting and the other things are all white with green or torqoiuse images with black writing.

    I want it to all be black, like the way Symbian Belle FP2 had. The theme was called “black of the black ” … It had its own image icons that looked awesome.

    Android is stupid…

    • You can’t do it. I think we need to root the phone for that OR the manufacturer should enable that feature.

    • BTW My Nokia X has everything Black 🙂 Settings too. Same as WP LOL

      • Rocky

        Yes, also the combination with the Cyan color font was great 🙂

    • If you will be buying Nokia 6 then keep an eye during Prime Day sale starting 10th July. 😊 Maybe they give some exciting offer on it 😊

      • Nokia 6, 10th July? But it’s registrations start on 14th. So don’t expect too much :p

        • In US 🙂 😛

          • Sorry, I sometimes forget the world outside of the India :p
            I deliberately used ‘the’ here. Trying to be like ‘the united states’ lol

    • My OnePlus 3 has a dark theme, so it is over to the OEM about what customization options it adds 🙂

    • Hemedans

      Samsung and cyanogen based roms have black theme option, but it make sense if you have amoled display.

      • Even if we have LCD its less strain on Eyes 🙂 I like Dark Theme on Lumia 1320. Yes AMOLED helps a lot in saving battery and stuff.

  • Rocky

    Okay, some cons of this early Android devices (mainly processors and camera). The Nokia we know is superior in Camera. But hey, HMD still few months (in operation), it’s unfair to expect Lumia or Nseries camera quality. At least they already proved the build quality, screen, and sound (global brand like Samsung and LG can’t do this at the same price range). They need time, even a Symbian device need 22 months to launch, Nokia 808 is 5 years in the making. Almost all HMD’s workers are Nokia veteran, from design, material, distribution (for this one hope they don’t keep Nokia late distribution LOL 😁), just take a look from HMD’s LinkedIn.

    I don’t know if my expectation for them is too high. I think we need to wait a bit 🙂

  • Viccky maurya

    Nokia 6 camera performance in low light is horrible and broke my heart…. I dont know where hmd is investing huge in imaging area. Instead of putting16 Mp camera in Nokia 6, hmd should have put 10 MP Carl Zeiss camera ,in Nokia 5 they should have put 8.7 MP Zeiss camera and in Nokia 3, 6.7 MP Zeiss Camera….. And Nokia 5,6 should have a PureView like tech…..
    i want to fire Hmd camera department, they are just sleeping instead of focusing on camera innovations…

    another thing i want to conclude that Stephen Elop should have been appointed as CEO of Hmd Global, he would not have played any conspiracy (bcoz he has already been fired from Microsoft) here. What would you all say, guys?
    @stipe1906 @LoveNokia @EricLovesSymbian

    • I’m scared of even thinking about such monstrosity.

      • Viccky maurya

        What monstrosity 😂😂are you talking about?? Elop??

        • EricLovesSymbian

          EricLovesSymbian says:

          I totally fell for it.
          I thought you were serious.

          I feel like a fool.

        • Yes, Elop as HMD’s CEO

          • Please, could you stop puting Elop and HMD in the same sentence 🙂

          • Hehehe 🙂 Ok

      • EricLovesSymbian

        EricLovesSymbian says:

        I feel stupid… I thought she was being serious… I totally fell for it.

        Looking down on the ground with embarrassment.

        • He is a boy though 😛 LOL

        • Viccky maurya

          Do you find me a girl?🤔🤔😈😈

          • LOL

          • Viccky maurya

            Its serious matter afterall…

          • Why can’t a girl be a Nokia Fan? 😛

          • Viccky maurya

            Girls like cooked techs….Do you think that any girl would love to invest her time in discussion about phone quality,Zeiss camera,software update etc. instead of focusing on Lakme,Ponds etc. (if you tell a girl about what ingedients are present in her cream then she will listen very carefully but when you talk to her about PureView,Clearblack and OZO audio then she would like to keep distance with you) 😂😂

          • Yes LOL. But out of so many girls on this entire earth there should be at least one girl who must be a Nokia Fan. If there is 0.1% chance of aliens somewhere than there can be 0.1% chance of a female Nokia fan too. 😛

          • Offtopic waters here, but, in fact, a girl runs a well-read Nokia blog in France called . Girl’s name is Julie 🙂 We know of one for sure.

          • Hehe Sorry 🙂 See @vicckymaurya:disqus we found one 🙂

          • Viccky maurya

            Oops… Sounds good.

          • Viccky maurya

            Yes…. Off course.😊

          • EricLovesSymbian

            EricLovesSymbian says:

            My apologies.
            Here in the US, Vicky is short for Victoria. I was unaware that you were a male.

            And about a girl Nokia fan? Quite rare. Girls like nonsense fashion and over priced name brands, so Apple is wonderful for a bunch of braindead mindless masses, that only care about social media and waste of time games and time killing apps. The iPhone is a fashion statement here.

            Upgrading every year (unnecessarily) to show other people that they have the latest overpriced Apple toy.

            (Disclaimer: I respect the company for the way they changed the phone industry, but hate the handicapped and crippled operating system and how because of Apple, Nokia lost its crown)

          • LOL
            iPhone is a fashion statement everywhere. 😛

          • Viccky maurya

            I appreciate your take on girls and iphone…🤗🤗

    • No man. PureView in a budget hahhaha LOL. I would love PureView tech in budget segment but before that they should have an all new and advanced Camera Tech for Flagships that is 3-4times better than PureView. 😛

      • Viccky maurya

        I am not seeking for fully PureView like tech rather i want little much of PureView in 5 & 6.

        • Like a 6.7 MP Zeiss Camera that was present on Lumia 720/730.2520? 🙂 Yes, that would have been awesome 🙂

          • Viccky maurya


    • I thought you were serious until you mentioned Elop 🙂 Nokia 6, 5 and 3 are the first phones produced and were made in very short time frame. HMD is testing the system and as you can see everything is still not working properly.

      regarding the camera, HMD said they will invest much in that part so we can expect better cameras in future models. Or at least better algorithms.

      • Viccky maurya

        Better algorithms are acceptable too…🤗

      • Some times I get angry on new Nokia phones and sometime i start loving them. I love the build and designs on every Nokia phones launched under HMD Global. But the specs of Nokia 3 is what i hate the most. This is their 1st attempt at proper Android Phones so we should give them time. We will soon get Andriod O by year end. May be they will improve many things in the phone. 🙂

        • I liked the Nokia 6, especially after seeing the silver version. It is the combination of old Lumia and new Nokia phone. Elements are crossed there for better acceptance of the fans. Phone is done wonderfully for the price range, and in the same class is in the top.

          • If I can wait then I’ll go for Copper Nokia 6 or else Nokia 6 in the above images look gorgeous too 🙂

          • Viccky maurya

            You should go for Tempered blue.

          • No. That doesn’t look good. Its like Black Nokia 6 which look grey LOL. If i buy a Metal Phone then i prefer a metallic shine to it which only Copper and Silver have. 🙂

        • Viccky maurya

          Same here. I m ready to give them time. I like Nokia 3 and 5 design very much. But Nokia 6 looks like evil. 😂😂

    • EricLovesSymbian

      EricLovesSymbian says:

      That comment is like slapping a king or President or dictator on the forehead in front of a crowd of tourists taking pictures, and then posting it on every social media outlet.

      It is blasphemy! It is unwarranted. It is the most horrific nightmare any Nokia fan, employee, staff member, or stock holder can ever have!

      How could anyone ever mention that horrible man in a positive way? That diarrhea as a child elop brought Nokia to its knees. If the government didn’t have such close ties with Nokia, it may have been bought out by some competing brand or some Chinese corporation, and it would have been dismantled!

      Elop had absolutely no remorse or sympathy for all those people he laid off, all the money Nokia lost, all the followers Nokia had, all the billions Nokia lost and it’s complete devaluation, and so on.

      Why the hell would he ever be considered in any position?

      He is the garbage pile of $#!T that said words like disruption, and the next billion, etc. Where is garbage junk rancid horrible cancerous disgusting Windows operating system now? He pushed his cancerous mindset on people, convinced a bunch people in management to kill wonderful amazing incredible Symbian, and now where are we?
      Windows (on cell phones) is dead! A person like him would come in and say Nokia doesn’t need Android, or Android is too open, or Android is plagued with laggy performance, etc.

      Let’s go with sailfish or Tizen. Android is too fragmented etc….

      He is poison! Nothing more! Sinister smile, fake grin, diarrhea as a child looking like of $#!T …

      He has no right to breathe the dignified sophisticated air the Nokia employees breath…

      He convinced management to kill off Symbian.

      He has a hidden agenda. He cannot be trusted! And, it’s not a conspiracy if it’s true. I destroyed Nokia…

      • Boy, seems like you really don’t like Elop. That is perfectly normal, but please use different kind of words, thx.

        Elop is now “down under” and so far we are safe 🙂

        • EricLovesSymbian

          EricLovesSymbian says:

          I’m sorry…
          I get very passionate sometimes and when I remember what damage he caused and how he convinced people to kill off Symbian, it makes my blood boil.

          But I’ll try my best to use better, more appropriate words…

          I apologize once again


        • Viccky maurya

          Yes, so far we are safe…😀😀😀

      • Viccky maurya

        Hahaha…. It seems if you find elop on road, you will shoot him.😬😬 anyway he did lots of mistake in his tenure at Nokia. We should not forgive him.😊

        • OK. But from now on just forget him. 🙂 He is better than all of us commenting here. He is a CEO of some or the other company.

          • Viccky maurya

            Yes, after all he is helping Hmd to bring Nokia phones in Australia. 😃

    • Rce

      Just remember with in house Windows OS Lumia 830 with 10mp Carl Zeiss camera was launched at 28k in India that too 3 years ago and now you’re expecting that same 10mp Carl Zeiss camera within 15K!!

      • No he is expecting a camera like on Nokia Lumia 720/730/2520

        • Rce

          I hope HMD will improve it’s camera in Nokia 7 which will be the perfect mid ranger..

  • Abhimanyu Chauhan

    Why they are not using lumia camera setup with is far better than any camera setup. companies like Motorola stole the setup and may be also Chinese oems

  • The 4th image from the top creates Illusion LOL. If you understand what i am pointing at. The left side of the Nokia 6

    • Viccky maurya

      Are you talking about antenna bands?

      • No. The 1st time i saw that image it felt like the phone or the image is cut from the left side 😛

        • Viccky maurya


  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    Perhaps in 2018, when Nokia brings the second edition Nokia 6 to the market, they should make sure the phone has:

    1. The same size screen at 5.5 inches, but AMOLED
    2. Smaller footprint – a few mm shorter and narrower
    3. Snapdragon 660 chipset, not the 450.
    4. Better camera, alogrithm, sensor and dual led flash
    5. Front facing flash
    6. Bigger battery by at least 300-600 mAh. Meaning it could have a 3600 mAh battery.
    7. USB type C with quick charge 4.0 plus (not regular 4.0)
    8. Nokia customizations, so we could have a black theme throughout the entire phone!
    9. Double tap to wake
    10. Nokia made calendar and music player and alarm app.
    11. Breathing light or colorful notification light under the fingerprint reader (in which we can customize)
    12. A new, better, more dominant and stylish housing for the camera and led flash

    Anybody here have any other suggestions?

    • I would go for SD 450 as its much more real. SD 660 will be used in phones above $300.
      If they make apps that are already available then its useless. Google has music player, calendar and alarm already. So, no use making duplicate apps like samsung. 🙂
      All other changes which you said should be implemented. 🙂 But next year they should use a Zeiss Lens if possible. 🙂 Like they did on Lumia 830/730 🙂

      • Hemedans

        And sd450 use 14nm which is biggest drawback of sd430. In short sd450 is rebranded sd625,

      • Rce

        In fact,Snapdragon 626/625 will be now much cheaper because of extensive 14 nm chip sets availability..

  • Rce

    Well back after long time..
    First of all great to see the nokiamob blog’s traffic has increased a lot from the old days..And Now, at least @stipe1906:disqus and @Themightym:disqus will not have to answer me alone.. :p
    Now,coming to the review part I’d like to add another video review from an Youtube Channel..

    Now,why I’ve added this video..well regarding camera i feel Nokia 6 camera is good enough to take pictures in day light,Moto G5 Plus having an f/1.7 aperture lens it’ll be definitely good in low light,but still in day light Nokia 6 is almost on par with Moto G5 Plus and specially in color reproduction.Now,the second part with the device you’re comparing Nokia 6(Lumia 830) was launched at 28,000 Inr in India,and Nokia 6 launched at 15k only,even for the info Lumia 730 was also launched at 17000 Inr in India..and both the devices had Carl Zeiss lens(famous for low light photography) so it’s quite obvious that Nokia 6 won’t be able to provide that quality in only 15k range..

    But,one thing i can assure you that with the positive build quality and Sound quality,stable software and great after sales Nokia 6 will actually perform better than most phones out there,specially Nokia 6 will give the actual mental peace to the customers who are waiting for more than one months for their devices to get fixed up in Xiaomi,Lenovo/Motorola,Honor,Oppo,Vivo service centres.

    And personally i feel,Nokia 7 or from Nokia 8 onward camera performance of Nokia devices will improve vastly,for the record Lumia 630/640 were average in camera department,but then Lumia 730 on wards camera performance has improved vastly..
    Let’s hope for the best ..

    • Nokia Lumia 830 was available for 24k at launch and Lumia 730 for 15k which later on came down to 18K and 13.5k respectively 🙂

    • Glad to have you back here 🙂 Thanks. Yes, you are right. The 830 was more expensive (€330+tax) and probably it is not a fair comparisson, but I had the 830 near my hand, so why not. Will point out the price difference in the full review, but the 830 is 2 and a half years older. It’s an category average to be honest, but in low light it could be better.

      • Rce

        830 is still my secondary device and it’s one of the best beautiful looking Nokia lumia device ever and i remember My Lumia 830 out performed Iphone 6 in camera department..So,it’s quite visible that Nokia 6 won’t be able to compete with that specially in low light imaging..

    • Thx bro, nice to have you back. Actually, Nokia 6’s camera aint that bad. Well, I know people expect much from this phone in particular, since it brings Nokia name back, but it is a bottom mid ranger and for a price tag is doing great photos. HMD should improve algorithms a bit to get the most out of the camera.

      • Rce

        They’ll improve for sure,but only thing it may take some time..

  • Rce

    This is another video for you guys with HMD Global Indian Head Ajay Mehta enjoy..

  • Watch this: