Clove UK: #Nokia 3, 5 & 6 demand exceeded initial expectations worldwide, says #HMD

In a letter to customer explaining why they delayed the shipping of new Nokia phones, the Clove UK Sales team revealed that HMD experienced a much higher demand than initially expected, and that they are working “on definitive release plans that can ensure enough stock is available for prospective end customers in all regions.”

Nokia 3 and 5 are already available in some countries, while we are still waiting for a broader availability of the two, and sales start of the much expected Nokia 6. We earlier wrote that HMD Nokia phones were delayed because of new tax rules in India and problems in manufacturing. It’s clear that HMD can’t fulfill the promise of releasing the phones in Q2 and globally on day one.

Read the full letter Clove UK sent to customers down below.

Earlier in the year HMD announced a number of new Nokia Smartphones that were due to launch mid year 2017.

We have received various dates from suppliers which we have passed on to our customers. Sadly it is now clear orders will not be fulfilled by these dates.

We have also spoken to HMD this week. They have seen huge interest in the devices worldwide that has far exceeded their initial expectations. As such they are now working on definitive release plans that can ensure enough stock is available for prospective end customers in all regions.

At this stage, this means we are no longer advertising estimated arrival dates. We have taken this decision to avoid any further ongoing confusion with regards to these devices.

When HMD provides firm revised dates for the UK launch of these products, we will of course pass these on. We will keep in close contact with them so we can inform you as soon as possible once this has been done.

The Clove Technology Sales Team.”

The 3, 5 and 6 in basic color variants (Black and Silver) should be available globally next month, with the 3 being available in many markets right now. The global average prices for Nokia 6, 5, and 3 are: €229, €189 and €139.

via: NPU

  • Viccky maurya

    Hmd sucks since begining…

    • God of chaos

      Nokia has always sucked at bringing their phones to market, the Lumia 920 was notorious for its supply issues. Frankly, compelling Nokia smartphones have been away for so long that if I was HMD I would not expect these phones to be so high-in-demand either.