#Nokia 6 on sale next month in the U.S. for $229

HMD Global today announced that Nokia phones are coming back to the United States of America. The first HMD smartphone, the Nokia 6, will go on sale in the U.S. next month and will be available exclusively via Amazon.com for a competitive price of $229 (€204).

At first, the 6 will be available only in Matte Black and Silver, with Tempered Blue and Copper coming later this summer. The phone fully supports T-Mobile’s network and AT&T’s, but only partialy for AT&T’s 4G. Check the detail in the table down below. You can find the full press release here.

Thanks Marty for the tip. πŸ™‚

  • WOW!! Nokia 6 isn’t priced high in US. Infact, its Rs.245/- cheaper in US πŸ˜› BTW is the price inclusive of taxes?

    • It’s retail price, so I guess tax should be included.

  • marty farrell

    Stipe, can you guys reach out to HMD and find out why no Sprint/ATT ? Are there plans to get full coverage ?

    • I sent a mail the mail to the Company that does PR for HMD in the U.S. Will notifiy you with the response πŸ˜€

      • marty farrell

        Thanks Stipe ! This is great news having the 6 out in the US.

        • PR team replied with a generic response saying that only T-Mo and AT&T are supported. The carriers use different Technologies. Two use GSM, two CDMA. I think we will see a CDMA version as well.

          • marty farrell

            We know the carriers use different bands…jeez…this is stunningly bad optics…this is NOT what is expected from a Nokia product and HMD is being obtuse if the don’t realize this is not how to handle the situation. Do they think reviewers, phone sites and the public are dopes ?

            Full coverage is simply expected. I am baffled and as a shareholder reassessing.

          • I agree. The thing I dislike most is bad PR agencies. I asked a follow up about the model number of the phone, and they sent the whole spec sheet to me. Thery’re still a Young company, so I guess time is needed before everything falls in its place.

          • marty farrell

            Contact HMD, they must know about you guys. Simply go around the PR bobos to the Movers.

            Stipe, please give it a another shot…I think they will be hearing a lot of noise/feedback about this.

          • Done. πŸ™‚

          • CDMA is still a thing? Never heard about CDMA for many years now. Our 1st cellphone connection at home was a CDMA that too 10 years ago. πŸ™‚ I didn’t knew USA still had CDMA service providers. πŸ™‚ only 1 or 2 in India that too with a very small subscriber base i think.

          • marty farrell

            Yeah, it is still around for a few more years.


            Mostly Sprint and Verizon in the US. Incremental cost to HMD to have coverage on CDMA is a rounding error…losing more that half of US market is not…I am certain that Motorola did not think twice about this issue.