Check out the components of the Nokia 3310 (2017) in a disassembly video

Original Nokia 3310 was a brilliant piece of engineering, and so it is the Nokia 3310 (2017). Ok, those two came out of different need and 17 years apart that made some changes in the design of internal components. But, 3310 for 2017 is quite simple but robust since the components are lightweight and not so complicated. This phone’s durability comes from simplicity.

Check out the disassembly video from YouTube account VoloKin Project where presenter is showing how easy is to disassemble and reassemble the device and how easy is to replace the screen. But, we know that HMD said it won’t repair the faulty 3310 but rather replace the phone.

Oh man, i hate to see those scratches on the phone. Even if it were iPhone instead I would hate that. Ok, maybe I would not 😊.

  • Why is the front glass of Nokia 3310 not transparent? Its a bit darker. After watching this teardown i feel like HMD could have added much more to this phone for the price 😛 Not just nostalgia but also a little bit better camera.
    Hey Stipe, how is the sound on Nokia 3310? Nokia 150 has a very bad speaker… its horrible IMO.

    • @Themightym:disqus has the 3310 🙂

    • The screen plastic of the 3310 is polarized so it has greater visibility on the sun. The best visibility is when the phone is naturally angled in hand.

      The sound of the loudspeaker is ok, nothing special, but enough to hear the Nokia tune and answer it.

  • Viccky maurya

    On GSMarena it has written that Nokia 3310(2017) has motherboard and other components of Nokia 215…
    🤔 Nokia 3310 (2017) design is very god but specs should be like this-
    1- 2.4 inches polarized display (which is present)
    2- 3.2 MP rear Camera & 2MP front camera
    3- 3G compatibilty
    4- 1400mAH battery
    5- Most important— S40 OS. (S40 is the best feature phone OS ever. If Hmd had shipped N3310 with S40 then it would have been supporting whatsapp and other java apps too)
    @Stipe1906 can you ask Hmd about S40 OS status??

    • Thx for a tip, but please I would appreciate if you could use the tip section not regular comments.