Should Nokia put official Nokia logo on its watches?

When you check the Nokia Health official page, and browse through the products page, you will notice that phone models have changed. Nokia is not using Apple iPhone anymore, but rather beautiful Nokia 3. Well, it is logical to use your own product to advertise others, and now Nokia can do it with ease. But when you go to Steel HR or any other Nokia branded smart watch you will notice something odd there. Check out the photo of Steel HR and Nokia 3. That Nokia logo on Steel HR just isn’t right. It looks like it doesn’t belong there. Those are not classic Nokia letters that we used to watch on numerous phones and accessories made by Nokia. I replaced the Nokia logo with official one and it looks so much better.

I know that you cannot use the same letters in watches, and that there must be more visible ones. But, standard Nokia logo on any watch just looks more proper. What do you guys thing, which logo would you like to see on Nokia watches? Do leave a comment :).