With 5G, #Nokia could return manufacturing back to #Europe

Just before I get serious about Nokia making the fourth industrial revolution, or leading it, I must inform you that on our Croatian blog we published 10,000th post. Celebration was humble like the number of the posts πŸ™‚.

Rajeev Suri often boldly speaks about the 5G networking era as the Industry 4.0. From the history of human kind we know that few periods of industrialization happened and we often refer to them as the industrial revolutions. After medieval times, when people started using their brains again and after all the plagues and wars that decimated the population, humans needed a way to speed up the production, since not so many work force was available. First industrial revolution speeded up the textile industry and in second Ford gave the automobile industry a conveyor-belt assembly lines what started the mass production. The third industrial revolution started with mass digitalisation of the technology processes and now with smartphones and new networks we are rushing toward the fourth industrial revolution. This one is all about wireless connection and about fast networks with low latency that will help us organize better manufacturing plants.

Forbes did a great article about the so-called Industry 4.0 and it used Nokia’s Oulu plant for networking gear as an example. This factory could be the first Industry 4.0 manufacturing plant as its manager Erja Sankari calls it, because its fundaments are complete automatization, calculated productivity and data analysis. This plant is manufacturing various networking equipment that is needed for smart IoT control units, advanced analysis systems and machine automatization controllers that are going to be operated over the 5G network. Most of this equipment is already being used in this manufacturing site.

To speed things up, Nokia needed to simplify the design of the radio components so they are now using one screw to keep everything tight, the same for all the products. This enabled them to redesign the robots assembling the base cells and other products, and gave them help in a form of collaborative robots. Currently both robots are working on a predefined program, but Nokia claims that the era of self-managing robots is just around the corner.

Not just the robots and products have been redesigned, Nokia also changed the layout of the manufacturing stations and elements to make the plant more efficient. Today this factory needs only three well-educated workers for normal functioning, and Nokia plans to make all the factories like that. Of course, behind all of this is a whole team of engineers, technicians and other smart people that came up with the idea, designed all of this, made programming and are maintaining the systems. To sustain this kind of high tech production, Finland relies on its well based high education system that produces highly educated and quality workers. Nokia definitely isn’t the first one to introduce this kind of manufacturing process but definitely is a leader in 5G networking area and has been known for detailing the production and complete logistics needed. Nokia shows that it knows how to implement the new ways of production and create different kind of jobs that will make workers more creative.

Nokia’s plan is to transform all of its 12 manufacturing plants in the close future, but time is needed for the 5G standards to be created so the implementation of the new technology would be much easier. There is a big chance that some of the production transferred to China could be brought back to Finland with the automatization. Even if this means that not so many people will work in the manufacturing plants of the future, this will make the space for highly educated workers to be employed, and every country needs that kind of workforce to increase its GDP.


Via Forbes

  • Rocky

    Congratulations for the achievement on the Croatian blog. I hope that the global one will follow that achievement (and surpass it) πŸ˜€

  • Correction.. Rajeev Suri, please :p
    Congratulations for the 10,000 posts. That’s a long journey πŸ˜€

    • Thanks. Corrected πŸ˜€

    • Hey! What are your thoughts on OP5? IMO This is how i want a flagship to be. the best part was that 1080p display and not a 2k useless screen. πŸ™‚ I would like Nokia 9 to have 1080p screen πŸ™‚ but much better cameras than OP5 and all others πŸ™‚

      • Umm.. Yes, OnePlus 5 is good device for the price it aims to retail at. I’m getting one. Even though I don’t see it as much of a upgrade over my OnePlus 3. Most of the experience will be the same except for the camera. The camera is decent, except the fact that there is no OIS. The EIS which it uses is currently very bad but it can be fixed via software updates. Google Pixel only came with EIS, so I’m sure it can be perfected. The Dash Charging is AMAZING as always. I swear, if you get used to it, you’ll hate every other damn phone out there. I remember when my display broke and I was needed to use a diff phone for sometime.. That damn phone charged so slow and I wanted to throw it away 😁

        I’m also happy about the fact that it doesn’t target fancy feature. 2k/4k displays, iris scanners, wireless charging and other bla bla. Maybe there are needed to justify the price of expensive phones, but for the Oneplus’s price it is once again the best bang. A well packaged smartphone which an average user would crave for. Just how I wanted Nokia’s return phones to be. If you’ve used a OnePlus 2/3, you’d appreciate how lightweight the OxygenOS is. Nokia will definitely need to do this much customization in its OS else it will not be a good experience.. Goodies like the long screen shots, automatic switchover to data when wifi dies, dark/light theme, network speed indicator, a custom font, ambient display, etc etc really make the OnePlus phones more usable. You cannot get the same experience from 3rd party apps.

        • IMO OP3 is still a better value for a person who is looking for a OP device. OP5 isn’t great. The only thing i like about OP is use of 1080p display which IMO is sufficient. No one can differentiate between a 1080p and 1440p. Both look just the same. But again if Nokia comes up with a 1080p display then people will start saying nonsense again. Nokia is this Nokia is that. Because there are to many idiots who just want useless gimmicks in their phones. I would prefer stock android for now because majority of people who own an Android phone don’t even know about the features that are available in stock android. Even i don’t know about various features of Android because i never followed android blogs and websites. Yes, in future Nokia should customize the OS but for now its better to keep it as much clean as possible. πŸ™‚ Iris Scanners are a gimmick IMO. In fact, I will never use a finger print scanner on my phone. But wireless charging is a great add on. Its useful actually. EIS can’t match OIS. Its just a software after all. πŸ˜›

          • Well, depends on how much they price the 64GB + 6GB variant of the OnePlus 5. If my expectations of Rs. 30,999 are correct, then the OnePlus 5 will be the better device to buy.

            We already know that the OnePlus 3T is discontinued, but some old stock will be dumped in India. The OnePlus 5 will replace the OP3T at its price. So, OP will most probably not let the price of OnePlus 3 be greatly affected by the OnePlus 5. Maybe it will fell by one or two thousands, or maybe not at all. Who knows the OnePlus 3 will be discontinued as well. It is better to stop selling a product than to sell it cheap and ruin the market/resale price of the product. If you notice, the 3/3T have actually been removed from the main navigation of OnePlus’s international websites.

            “But again if Nokia comes up with a 1080p display then people will start saying nonsense again.” A key factor in OnePlus’s sales model is the price point. If Nokia comes with a flagship, then the initial pricing will be between 45k to 50k. For that price point, you need to throw in the gimmicks to make it a better value for the money. Else you cannot justify why the phone costs so much more with the exact same features as the phones available cheaper.

            “because majority of people who own an Android phone don’t even know about the features that are available in stock android” Certainly! Probably even I don’t know some. There are certian features which improve your satisfaction with a phone. Sure one won’t have an issue if they are missing, but having them adds some value which helps you in differentiating two competitive products. We know what we need. So, features like the T9 keyboard, the ambient display, automatic switchover to data and wifi, reading mode; etc make you more satisfied. It’s good for a wow factor too. Suppose somebody reaches out to OnePlus support complaining them that the phone is giving a lot of strain to his eyes. It will be a ‘WOW’ for the customer when the support replies that you just have to pull down the top slider and tap on reading/night mode. It will be a comparatively sad experience if the same is asked from Nokia support and the team forwards you to Play Store to download a random 3rd party app which needs to me manually launched and configured each time.

            I’ve never been a fan of custom skins in Android. But OxygenOS really changed my opinion. Everything else like the ZenUI, MiUi, ColorOS, EMUI, CoolUI and bla bla are full of junk. They add random 3rd party apps to earn money and that seriously affects the smoothness of a device. I’d recommend you to try a OnePlus phone and feel the difference πŸ˜€ Neatly customized stock Android is more joy than all stock Android.

            “I will never use a finger print scanner on my phone.” When you buy a phone with a Fingerprint sensor, then your opinion will change. The reason – your pin is safe. So, suppose you’re in a bus with people around you. Instead of tapping your pin/password in front of everybody, just tap the FP and you’re done. That’s a functionality improvement and I want every phone to have it. There’s no need to type your PIN everytime πŸ™‚ Fingerprint gives you security as well as ease of use. No wasting time typing the password.

            “But wireless charging is a great add on. Its useful actually.” I’m exactly opposite. I do not see any serious use of wireless charging. You place your phone on the plate and the first thing is that it charges slower than the cable. The next issue is that if you have slightly misaligned your phone, then it will either not charge or charge even slower. Then you also cannot use your phone as it charges. Yeah, I have no issues with my phone having wireless charging, but it is not something I’d really be looking for.

            Sure EIS will never be as good as OIS. That’s why I pointed out this one bad thing I noticed about the 5. The cost wouldn’t have increased much. maybe they couldn’t find a proper sensor with OIS available.

          • Ohh man you wrote a comment that is bigger than the article above πŸ˜›

          • Well said. I agree πŸ™‚ You are correct about the extra added features. I am not saying that Nokia should never add it. But for now keep it plain and simple. Later they can add it via an update. πŸ™‚ I would like to see a full fledged flagship from Nokia at a price of 40k. But this is just me. I am OK wit
            Still i’ll never use a Fingerprint scanner in my phone ever. πŸ™‚

          • Sorry for the long comment :p

            That was a struggling Nokia, trying to sell an OS which nobody wanted. Funded by Microsoft for each phone it produced. I’m sure that the new Android series will be more price focused πŸ™‚ It will go head to head with the price of Samsung’s flagship.

            Using the FP is upto you. But I’m quite confident that your perception of FP will change when you get a phone with a FP reader πŸ™‚

          • Viccky maurya

            I heard, Nokia Lumia 1020 had 4X Lossless zooming while OP5 has only 2X…πŸ˜‚

          • You can’t compare Nokia’s lossless zoom to normal zoom of OP5😊

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    Congrats on 10K…

    Nokia owes you guys a few phones !

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    Congratulation guys,

  • Congratulations to the whole Nokiamob team. That’s a great achievement. 😊 I wish your achievements multiply. 😎 You guys are doing a great job of connecting Nokia Fans worldwide. 😊OR as HMD Global says #UnitedWeMakeMemories #unitefor #LoveNokia 😊