Pre-orders open for #Nokia 6 tempered blue in #China via

The exclusive retailer of Nokia 6 in China, the webshop, started taking registrations for the Nokia 6 4GB+64GB in the “tempered blue” color variant., now, for months has been selling the Nokia 6, first first in black and only with 64GB internal memory, but later they added the 32GB memory option, as well as the beautiful silver variant.

The Nokia 6 Tempered Blue (4GB RAM+64GB ROM) will go on sale on 18th June for the same price as the black and silver version, that is CNY 1,699 or €222 (250$). Nokia 6 Tempered Blue (Pre-orders)

Thanks Hyken for the tip. 🙂


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  • They are so lucky. They are getting 4GB+64GB for the almost same price. 🙁
    I think they will add an option of 4GB+64GB after few months. And I don’t want that to happen after i make my purchase of Nokia 6. 🙁

    • Keep in mind that in China they don’t need to pay patent’s fee (or at least not to foreign companies) and no fee for Google services. Don’t know what’s the situation with licensing patents in India, though?