Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 available for pre-order at Finnish operator Elisa

After quite a long time, Nokia smartphones are back again in their land of origin, Finland. Finnish operator Elisa has just placed Nokia 6, 5 and 3 in their standard offer, which you can check by clicking the link. The devices are not jet in stock, but you can pre-order them at quite good prices. Nokia 3 will be available from 13/06/2017 for €148.32, while Nokia 6 and Nokia 5 will be available from 20/06/2017 for €248.40 and €198.72, respectively.

You could see that the pricing is quite similar to those of the German retailer OTTO, but Elisa will have the whole colour range of the devices. Yes, the copper one, too.


I know we can apply the saying “better late than never”, but hope next Nokia models will hit the stores sooner.

  • I need help. My Nokia X2-00 is stuck on this screen after i put it on reset. What if I pull out the battery. Plz help me to revive my 1st phone. Any help will be appreciated. Plz help. EricLovesSymbian if you know about such problem plz help me. Others help too. HELP HELP HELP plz😞
    The phone just looks ugly from front but from back its pristine 😊

    • How do I flash it? Microsoft has stopped the updates that I could do from nokia device recovery tool. It can’t reach the server for this phone now. Or else I could have reinstalled the firmware before resetting the phone. 😞
      Its been over 45mins now 😞

    • Wait for a few hours. Sometimes it just needs time. Maybe this link can help:

      • Actually I was also not able to create back up yesterday. It got stuck there too.
        It also showed a problem of message storage not ready whenever I tried to open messages from past 3 days. This was the main reason I wanted to reset. I think there must be some problem with the inbuilt phone storage. 😞

      • There are no firmwares in that link.

        • Is there any care center near you? If it is not expensive, maybe they have better tools and Resources to that?

  • ThankYou @stipe1906 for trying to help me out. 😊 The restore Failed but the settings were restored. And I am still facing the problem of “message storage memory not ready”. But now I won’t try to reset it again LOL. I am afraid of losing it 😞. I will head to some service centre. 😊
    I asked for help at AAWP and he was very harsh. I feel very nice to have here and growing. ThankYou for being such a good Nokia community. 😊