#Nokia and Kantar Health partner to help people with diabetes @nokiahealthcare

As a healthy person, it’s hard to imagine the struggle people have fighting with diseases like diabetes. Over 8% of the world’s population has diabetes, with up to 5 million diabetes-related deaths per year. Nokia partnered with Kantar Health to better study diabetes treatment and patient outcomes.

Kantar is a global healthcare consulting firm that will cooperate with Nokia on the “Lifestyle Therapy” project. “As part of the joint study, Kantar Health will contribute the real-world study design and execution expertise to the project, while Nokia will leverage its world-class technology assets to generate biometric data and facilitate study delivery “, HitConsultant.net describes the joint study.

“As the role of the patient continues to evolve, management of chronic conditions such as diabetes is transforming through the ever increasing use of connected devices in patient populations,” said Geneviève Bonnelye, Managing Director, Kantar Health in a statement. “Lifestyle therapy, including changes in nutrition, physical activity, sleep and nicotine use, is an essential component of type 2 diabetes treatment, however there’s a lack of longitudinal patient data about the disease’s impact on weight, activity level, sleep and blood pressure, as well as limited evidence on how treatment management is affecting patients’ loss or gain of weight. There’s a clear need for a solution that combines attitudinal and evidence-based data, helps manage weight and links treatment management and HBA1C results. Our landmark study with Nokia should help fill these data gaps and ultimately improve patient care.”

First data and analysis of the study is expected later this year, with the final results being published Spring 2018.

Recently we saw Nokia stepping up the “Digital Health” game, first with the Withings acquisition, and now we are see different partnerships in the Health industry. We are eagerly awaiting summer when Withings products are announced to be re-branded into “Nokia”, and Nokia also partnered with Apple on Digital Health as part of their latest patent deal.

via:  HitConsultant.net 

  • EricLovesSymbian

    EricLovesSymbian says:

    Here are some ideas that are factual, yet opinion based. (After practicing medicine for just under a decade, I believe my comments are justified)

    First and foremost, this comment WILL be offensive to many people, so I apologize for saying something honest and truthful if your feelings are hurt, but I do not apologize for my comment or rationale.

    Should the moderator delete this message, I would understand.

    Seeing my patients suffer from diabetes is very difficult. I want to speak as a free willed person on here, yet demonstrate the compassion of a health care practitioner.

    Diabetes and obesity and hypertension usually coalesce at some point. If you’re morbidly obese, you have a higher chance of diabetes and hypertension and cardiovascular issues.

    1. When a patient with diabetes thinks taking drugs (to control their diabetes) gives them the ability to eat anything they want, they lose. Many of my patients have diabetes, yet continue to eat tortillas and bread and rice and cake and high fructose corn syrup (soda), and do nothing to help themselves get better or lose weight. They know they have a disease, yet continue to eat poison!

    2. Both parents are diabetic, with cholesterol, hypertension and heart attacks prevalent in their families. Strictly based on common sense and genetics, wouldn’t it make sense that if you reproduce and have 7 kids, all those poor innocent children will have those diseases?! Albeit, a decade or two earlier in most cases. I think this is very selfish on behalf of people with known genetic makeup to pass those genes down to their children.

    (I’m obviously paraphrasing here, but can easily expand and give thorough explanations of my thought process and logic)

    3. Diet and exercise. Why not teach people what to eat and how to burn off the extra fat? Why make them think it’s OK to wear a toy on their wrist that alerts them to use a darn drug? Drug companies love this! They will never cure anything! Ever! There is billions of not trillions to be made by ” treating ” something, rather than curing it. Perhaps teaching self control and personal discipline to these people might benefit them!

    Story: a patient was a model, kicked out of modeling because he was too unhealthy … His mom and dad had severe diabetes, cancer and other diseases. They had seven kids. All infected. This kid would play with his friends and was on oral meds by 8 years old. (This was type II diabetes, not type I) and by 11 he was on insulin.
    Losing his vision and foot sensation when I started seeing him by 22 (in 2012)

    I have patients on dialysis, due to having uncontrolled diabetes. Some are blind. Some have had their lower limbs amputated! But yet, pharmaceutical companies are making record profits and there are more diabetics than ever before!

    People! It’s the food we are given to eat, especially in the US, where everything is processed and filled with chemicals and preservatives!

    I tell my patients, except for chicken turkey cow meat, and certain types of fish, if a human hand has touched it, (as in, made it, processed it, etc), stay away from it. If it grows from the ground or from a tree, it’s okay to eat. (And even then, it’s all GMO now, and not organic!)

    We are all ginea pigs here…

    • I’m really grateful that you follow the blog, and on leaving such comments that could help people, and maybe even save lives. 🙂 Thanks.

      • EricLovesSymbian

        EricLovesSymbian says:

        Again, my intentions aren’t to offend anyone.
        I have seen people suffer, a lot of people! And as the years go by, more patients become younger, and display a more aggressive form of their parents’ disease.

        When a mother pleads to me that her 65 inch tall, 280 pound 19 year old boy is severely depressed and now has uncontrolled diabetes, Eric please help me. I’m not gonna tell her to go buy a stupid toy watch. Rather, I would love to tell her the guy she reproduced with gave the worst genes to all of her children. And now they will all suffer, with a progressive disease.

        We need to tell them what to eat BEFORE this happens! Not wait until it happens then drug them up with meds and insulin or tell them to go buy some toy watch!

        Yes, this watch is cool and advanced and being a shareholder of Nokia as of 5/26/2017, if it makes money, I will too. But that’s not the point. As a global society, we need to be healthy and healthier. Not poison our bodies then run to a doctor a decade or three later and say fix me…

        Oh, and the credit goes to Love Nokia.
        After being in Jay’s site for about 6 years or do, he told me to come here. And I’m glad I did…

        • Michael

          Eric, you just went up a 1000 points in my book. I00% agree with you and was going to write something from a personal perspective that mirrors your medical observations.

          My Dad and my stepmother both have diabetes. Her 2 daughters have diabetes and one of the husbands has it two. I also have an uncle that is confined to a wheel chair because of it.

          I would say my Dad and stepmother do the best of all, but they haven’t done all they can. My Dad (75), walks 3 miles a day and is still working. His wife walks about half that and also still works but they eat a LOT of bad carbs like pizza, sandwiches, etc. They at least *try*. Up until a couple years ago, my Dad managed through pills, but now he’s on the shots. The others don’t even try. The daughter probably weighs 350 lbs. At least none smoke and don’t drink much.

          They look at me like I am from space. I had cancer and was pre-diabetic. I still have to manage my diet to keep me below pre-diabetes. I eat VERY healthy and exercise 5 times a week. I’ll enjoy a few slices of pizza once a year and a plate of pasta a few times a year, but other than that, I have cut out almost all wheat and processed sugars. Haven’t had a soda in 5 years and cut out all alcohol. I don’t know…to me the choice is clear so it’s easy. I want to be healthy and not on drugs. After doing it for so long it’s normal.

          During times I had pre-diabetes and barely high cholesterol (still at an elevated level at times), doctors all wanted to prescribe me drugs instead of preaching healthy changes then a re-check. Now, I live in Asia and it is easy to get complete blood tests so I monitor my health through complete blood tests every 6 months. When I was in the US, I had a hard time getting my doctor to give me blood tests. When I’m in the US, I have found a way to order blood tests online, so I bypass the doctor BS and I get the tests MUCH cheaper.

          I don’t think I could have gotten there without getting sick though. Why, I don’t know other than it all seemed so hard to eat healthy. I’ve tried to help others make some changes based on my experience, not just words but mentally, people just can’t do it. Frustrating.

          Good luck being a shareholder (I am). Barring a global economic issues or global event, we are good to go. Suri royally P’d me off back in November with his slow leak of bad information and super conservative guidance that drove the stock down. He cost me quite a bit of money (and stress! Not healthy!). I *hope* he did that to very realistically set some initial low expectations so from here on he can meet and exceed consistently. With the Apple deal out of the way and 5G ramping up, things look very good for the next 5 years anyway.

          • EricLovesSymbian

            EricLovesSymbian says:

            Wow! Simply wow! You shared some very deep and personal info and I commend you for your courage! You are a very strong individual, so more power to you.

            About doctors in the US, most have their head up their @$$£$, and only understand that a paycheck is their only means to a fulfilling life.

            About the cancer, I hope G-D gives you strength to overcome.

            When I read your message initially, I had a feeling you were in the US, then you clarified, so now it makes sense that your writing and grammar and syntax is on par with north American vernacular.

            In regards to your dad, it is a slippery slope. Going into the realm of exogenously injecting a man made product, only has one outcome. If your body receives it from the outside, it’ll indefinitely stop producing it from the inside. (Disclaimer: some patients need to and have to be on insulin because they have completely burned out their pancreatic cells). Think of it like testosterone. If a man injects testosterone to bulk up, his testicles shrivel up. The work is being done by an external thing so the body down regulates and says, peace!

            In regards to the sister… Being that weight is self sabotage! You had enough insight and common sense to see thru the nonsense and you voluntarily cut out all the poison. That is awesome! Wonderful! And incredible! You should be incredibly proud of yourself!

            In terms of Nokia, I just bought only 350 shares. But have done a lot more research AFTER I bought the stock and realized that some major multi billion dollar companies have bought tens of millions of dollars worth of Nokia since November 2016 and 1/31/2017… That said, you are right about the 5G thing. Within 18 months to 24 months, Nokia is hopefully gonna rule the (something) sector. If so, shares might shoot up from $6.38 to $8 and then to $10-$12 probably. Again, this is all speculation…

            Having pizza and carbs and soda shows complete lack of commitment and dedication to ones own health and well being! It is honestly a sign of carelessness and delusion. I don’t know.

            Either way, I wish you all the best! Everything you said about your resolution is valid, justified and correct.

          • EricLovesSymbian

            EricLovesSymbian says:

            You know what? I really liked your comment.

            Do these:
            1. AFP
            2. LIPID PANEL
            3. A1c
            4. Microalbumin ratio (random)
            5. Insulin levels
            6. CEA
            7. CA19-9
            8. CMP
            9. ANA IFA screening.

            I think these should cover a lot of things. They are specific and non specific, so please consult with your PCP.

            Best of luck…

          • Michael

            I don’t have a PCP here in Thailand. I have one in the US, but they are completely worthless and I don’t talk to him. I just pay a bunch of money into insurance (over 5k a year) and then I can’t use it because of at $7500 deductible. Both here and in the US, I get my own comprehensive blood tests. First, I can get exactly what I want without any attitude from the doctor. Second, I can get all those tests *significantly* cheaper than if I went through a doctor. I even recently paid for my own PET/CT scan to make sure I was clear post 5years. A lot cheaper here in Thailand, but still around US$1800.

            The tests I get include most of what is on your list, but not all. I’ll look into them though, thank you!