Video: #Jolla reminded us how wonderful #Sailfish OS is

The one of the unlike companies we can see today, Jolla, published an introduction video about its unique product, Sailfish OS. If you are by some chance not acquainted with the Sailfish OS, it is the mobile OS that just got a chance (thx to the Microsoft) to become the third option for all of those that are willing to try something new other than Android, iOS or Windows 10 Mobile. One nice thing about this video is the mention of the Sailfish roots in Nokia, or better say MeeGo OS.

There are numerous things that are great about Sailfish, one thing for sure is ability to run Android apps. Another thing is the versatility of the OS. You can see it on different screen diagonals, from smart watches to smart TV’s. The only thing troubling Sailfish ecosystem is the lack of available hardware, but there is a chance that will change in near future.

    Our roots are in NOKIA, MeeGo and Jolla Devices 🙂
    They should come together 🙂
    Nokia Jolla Series(device brand name like “Lumia Series”

    • Would be nice to see that combination. It would increase the uniqueness of Nokia devices, or at least Sailfish line of Nokia devices :).

  • Michael

    Won’t happen anytime soon but a couple thoughts.

    1. Dont really see what is unique from the above presentation, but as long as going to another OS doesn’t do anything to reduce the pool of potential customers, I am cool (have my investor hat on).

    2. With my customer hat on, Im not impressed with the layout presented on the tablet. Reminds me of Samsungs interface a bit. I wouldnt be happy with it if the phone layout was similar. Swiping around on the watch? ok, cool enough I guess.

    Is anyone confusing OS with Interface? I cant tell anything about the OS from the presentation. Can anyone tell me how Sailfish or Meego is better than Android at the OS level? What are the thoughts as to why Samsung doesnt go with Tizen?

    Not trying to pee on anyone’s parade. I like the discission here so just asking questions to get different perspectives.

    • Maybe roots thing placed in the video is just wishfull thinking :). If Sailfish can find its niche in the market then I don’t see a problem for some phone manufacturer as HMD Global is right now to create a mobile phone for Sailfish OS. Of course, math needs to be right to make that possible.

      Anyway, I don’t think Nokia will invest in Sailfish because it is not interested in it when everything Nokia needs can be achieved with Android.

      Regarding Sailfish, I like the idea of controlling the phone with swipes, but the UI needs some consistency. But the OS is unique in its way, we could think of it as a Android alternative., like Android was Symbian alternative.