#Withings Home Plus is the newest casualty of #Nokia-#Apple patent war

Withings Home Plus, announced back in January at CES2017, is the newest casualty of Nokia-Apple patent war. Unfortunately, this beautifully designed HD camera that could be integrated with Apple Home Kit and serve as a home and baby monitoring system, won’t see the light of the day. Since the original plan was probably to target Apple’s trusting customers, Nokia decided not to push this product anymore. Home Plus was priced at 199 USD and should have been made available during Q1. Now it is also beaten to market by a similar product made by D-Link.

Currently Nokia can afford losing a bit of Withings’ market share, since anyway, Nokia is re-branding Withings’ full lineup into Nokia. Hope we’ll see a similar product with Nokia logo, and then it will reach even more potential customers than it would via the Apple Store.



  • Apple should not exist. LOL

    • Well, if Nokia and Apple don’t find themselves on the same frequency, Apple could easily lose the patent war. But that wouldn’t look great for Nokia since it would once more be accused for patent trolling which is not nice. But, you need to pay for using the others intellectual property. I know that Apple would appreciate the same 🙂

      • Michael

        one definition of ‘Patent Troll’

        A derogatory term used to describe people or companies that misuse patents as a business strategy. A patent
        troll obtains the patents being sold at auctions by bankrupt companies
        attempting to liquidate their assets, or by doing just enough research
        to prove they had the idea first. They can then launch lawsuits against
        infringing companies, or simply hold the patent without planning to
        practise the idea in an attempt to keep other companies productivity at a

        I hope the courts, lawyers, or media are not allowed to dilute the term Patent Troll to include the legitimate billions in research and development Nokia has put into their patents. Getting a return on investment is what drives innovation.