Photo: #Nokia did Mi Mix device before it was cool (#Nokia id326-3)

Headline says it all. Nokia always had great design of its products and photos of a cancelled Nokia Lumia marked with id326-3 show it. First pictures of this device were leaked back in August 2016, and they showed that Nokia was long before anyone else planning to introduce large body/screen ratio devices. Regarding the SOC number (8210), which reveals Snapdragon 200 processor, this device should cover the low end Lumia line-up, and I must say it would be more interesting than Lumia 435, 535 or other projects it the same price range. Since the screen covered most of the front face of the device, ambient light sensor, or FFC, were placed below the screen. Back of the device looked more like Lumia 435, which probably succeeded this device, and the back cover was removed in the similar way like in Lumia 830. Check out some new and older photos from previous post at the Croatian version of the blog.


We can only guess the reasons why Microsoft cancelled this phone that seems to be close to the release date. Microsoft probably wanted his own design language applied to next devices to move away a bit from Nokia’s recognizable design. Well, it turned out to be a wrong decision since they just needed to change the Nokia logo with Microsoft and push already developed models to cut the costs. We are now all aware what happened with the Lumia line-up. It’s such a shame, but it gave space for new Nokia devices.



  • Rocky

    The more surfaced prototypes of old Nokia, the more i hate windows phone or elop, imagine if that devices runs Android at that time, it would be a hit

    • A massive hit. We would have seen Samsung no where LOL. And after note 7 Samsung would have just vanished 😛

    • I really didn’t understand why would an mobile phone producing company like Nokia was do the exclusive. They should have created mobile phones for Windows Phone, Android and slowly replace Symbian as a main OS which was obviously to expensive to modernize.
      We can also talk about conspiracy theories since it is known that back in 2010 EU was offering Nokia 22 billion Euro to make Symbian an European OS… Probably somebody didn’t like that and now we have 2 dominating mobile phone OS-es that are made by US companies.

      Burning maemo was a mistake. Maybe it was a deliberate mistake to lure Microsoft to buy Devices and Services unit from Nokia… Again just my theory which has some logic when you thing hard enough :).

      Thing is that Nokia had numerous design plans regarding how the future mobile phones should look like. Nokia had means to manufacture devices that are few years ahead of the competition and believe a lot of working prototypes are still stored somewhere in some office… Would love to see them all 🙂

      • “Thing is that Nokia had numerous design plans regarding how the future mobile phones should look like. Nokia had means to manufacture devices that are few years ahead of the competition and believe a lot of working prototypes are still stored somewhere in some office… Would love to see them all”
        I wish i could see them too. 🙂 But its better that we don’t see them because whenever i see a Nokia prototype device which didn’t make it to the production line, I feel very different. Its like why this device didn’t launch, it was so ahead of the competition. 🙁 same goes for the above images. And now if Nokia makes such a device media will say they copied Mi MIX.

      • Rocky

        Or, the problem of all Nokia story is “burning platform” memo, that’s a really really bad decision to tell the market that they will ditch their operating system soon when their alternative isn’t ready at that time and they still selling those devices

  • People would have bought these devices even if they knew that windows 10 was buggy and useless in start. Microsoft is worst in decision making LOL

  • For such a low price this kind of design would have attracted so many buyers 🙂 This design give me a feel of X series 😛

  • Michael

    I’ll offer a differing view.

    Personally, I liked Windows Phone OS look and feel. I still like it better, but, app selection is no contest and thankfully, I can get all my Microsoft servicesn on Android.

    The blacklist of Microsoft by companies, app developers, media, and salespersons was stunning and incredibly effective. I wonder what the landscape would look like now had Microsoft bought Youtube instead of Google and if Microsoft had bought Instagram instead of Facebook. Judging by the MSN page, Microsoft did a drug deal with Facebook to get an app and support in exchange for only allowing commenting through Facebook.

    Lot of bashing of Elop and especially his “burning platform” memo. But he was 100% right that Meego and Symbian, although good platforms, were dragging down Nokia. They needed someone with balls, early on, to cancel programs and to counter Samsung. By time they realized it and brought in Elop, it was too late.

    Having said that, I think that overall, the major moves that have happened since Elop have been good for Nokia as a company. I think a certain “cleansing” has happened and they are now a much different company, better equipped to operate in 2017 and beyond.

    • I like Windows Phone too. Typing this comment from my Nokia Lumia 1320. But I don’t agree with what you said about Meego and Symbian. Meego didn’t get a chance. If Nokia can push Windows Phone which lacked so many features and which was not even mature enough to compete against Android (during WP7.5 days) then just imagine how Nokia could have done with Meego. Meego didn’t get a chance. Symbian for low end phones was much better than Android on low end LOL. “No company needs over confident balls” 😜

      • Michael

        I don’t know man. My opinion is that it was too late. As I mentioned above, Google and Samsung just brought way too much firepower. Everyone ignored a very poor Android OS and even cheap quality Samsung phones. Somehow it was “cool” to have an Android phone…something not Apple and definitely not Microsoft. Pretty soon, it was Nokia who?

        I’d agree with you that no company needs over-confident balls..Certainly Nokia was over-confident with it’s insurmountable lead in the mobile landscape, ignoring all signs that the walls were crumbling around the fortress. 🙂

    • Elop did what was needed, but IMO not in a very good way. The burning memo costed 2/3 of sales in 2011, and surprised or better to say shocked the community, developers, partners and others. @disqus_Fwhc13VCQT:disqus The question in 2011 was, will Nokia develop a competitive MeeGo before the cash runs out and the company bankrupts? They could had tried, but we wouldn’t have a strong Networks unit if the Microsoft story didn’t happen.

      • Yes! Money was the main problem. 😞 Android was a great option

        • EricLovesSymbian

          EricLovesSymbian says:

          I never knew that… But at the same time, Android was far behind symbian at that time.
          And with every iteration, Android and iOS are acting and looking more like symbian Belle FP2.
          Feature wise, symbian was incredible and truly ahead of it’s time

          • Michael

            Incredible and ahead of it’s time, yes, but complex, requiring extended development times for phones. Good article explaining some of it:

            Stunning to say the least how Google,Samsung,Android came in to the mobile landscape with elbows out. year after year, reading that Android phones were a joke, buggy, down on features, yet every year they sold more and more. Media, salespersons, and just regular phone enthusiasts were united in their hatred of Microsoft. Many people (myself included) do not like Apple and their ecosystem. Google, Android, and Samsung provided the needed firepower, marketing, development, etc to bring a new platform to life to rival Apple and to stomp out any Microsoft challenge, and it’s obvious that Nokia phones with Symbian was a victim as well.

            I hope someone is doing the research to write a book on the development of the mobile landscape. Someone with access to inside information on thought process, back room deals, etc. I’ll bet that would be a fascinating read.

      • If John Chen was CEO of Nokia instead of Stephen Elop. What are your thoughts about this one?? 😊

        • Chen did similar what Siilasmaa did, got rid of an unprofitable Business. Nokia had grave problems because the whole process of manufacturing phones was changing. Everything shifted to China, and Nokia had to close factories around the world because only in China they could make a competitive product. Nokia had its problems before Elop, they were ignorant towards the iPhone, and didn’t start developing a full-touch os at time. Chen turned BB in Black, and that’s great. They focus now on enterprise and software, and will receive a few bucks from TCL, just like Nokia for Alcatel, hehe. 😀

          • Completely agree 😊. But I think he would have never sold HERE 😜. I think Nokia’s position was better than blackberry when elop arrived. Blackberry was in very bad situation when Chen arrived

          • It surely was, because the burning memo accelerated Nokia’s decline, but BlackBerry had a 5-year long (if not longer) restructuring process, while Nokia got rid of all financial problems by selling D&S, and a little cash for buying Alcatel by selling HERE. To be honest, HERE was and is great but was losing a lot of money and really didn’t fit into Nokia’s core business strategy.

          • But now we don’t have any Nokia specific apps for new Android phones. HERE is gone, Mix Radio is gone. All we have is a bare bones Nokia 😞

          • EricLovesSymbian

            EricLovesSymbian says:

            I totally agree!

            Hey buddy, I followed your advice and came here. It’s a pretty cool site, but it has far too many spelling and grammar errors.
            Far too many…

            I wonder what happened to Jay’s site…

          • Hey, thx for reading our posts. You should see how many grammar mistakes we have on Croatian site :).
            We currently lack time and money to make texts better.

          • PlaneNokia

            Being that English is probably their 4th-5th language, I think they are doing a superb job : )

          • Oh man, are we that bad?
            English should be our second language 🙂

          • I didn’t read the article fully until now, and corrected all I could find. There were some mistakes, but still better than google translate hehe 😛

          • I agree LOL

          • Its Ok for me. It the news and info that matters 😊
            Language should never be a barrier. My English is worse. 😝

          • Hey Stipe, Does your Lumia 830 shutdown while surfing, My 1320 shuts down if I stay on these websites for 5-10mins

          • No, spent 10 mins now and nothing happens. Sometimes when a site is really heavy it freezes the screen, but pressing the Windows key and closing edge solves the problem. No shutdowns. And it renders the site normally. Maybe a soft reset could help?

          • You are on Windows 10 Mobile. I am on WP8.1

          • I checked on my L720 and the same big N, but articles and other content is normal.

          • This is how it looks on my Lumia 😜 My Nokia X shows it much better 😜

    • EricLovesSymbian

      EricLovesSymbian says:

      That horrible rancid junk disgusting pathetic operating system Windows phone mobile, was the absolute worst decision Nokia made!

      Windows Mobile is the burning platform. I want that devil man elop to come out and publicly say that Windows is and was an absolute mistake. It brought down Nokia, almost to complete bankruptcy.

      Your views are interesting, perhaps even valid, but his (devil men diarrhea as a child, elop) approach was undeniably incorrect!

      Killing off symbian was the biggest mistake! They could have kept it on the lower end and adopted Android for the higher end.

      Going all in with a crippled handicapped OS, that junk ugly half baked windows was a historic mistake!

      • Hahah I was waiting for you from so long 😊

      • Michael

        I wrote a couple versions of my post and I agree that in addition to Symbian and Meego being dead platforms that Windows Mobile ended up being that way as well and both for the same reasons. Next to 0 app support. Having said that, I never found Windows Mobile to be crippled. My Lumia 920 provided everything I needed (wasn’t a big app user and I used and still use all Microsoft services) and was pretty well reviewed. Developers just refused to play. Android was a horrible, crippled, handicapped OS for quite a while wasn’t it? That’s why I mentioned some key acquisitions. Had those acquisitions been made by Microsoft (or heck, even Nokia 🙂 ), what would the mobile landscape look like now?

        Anyway, I still firmly believe that the road Nokia traveled has turned it into a much stronger company than it would have been. It’s a strange road to success that we sometimes take.

    • I think that WP8.1 was quite capable OS but Microsoft wasnt capable to make it third or second best. Microsoft was constantly changing mobile phone strategies which cost them a great mobile phone OS.

      Also think that MeeGo had a great start and they could have make it great os with money they spent on WP, but we can’t forget that Microsoft payed a lot to Nokia to develop phones and apps.

      • Michael

        Ya, I don’t know about that. What couldn’t the OS do for 95 percent of the people? It could take a very good photo, it could do email, it could do a calendar. What it couldn’t do was apps and specifically the big 4 Facebook (would come too late), Youtube (3rd party always getting shut down including MS version), Instagram (again, too late to the party and not updated much), later, Snapchat. Of course all that had a follow-on with all other app-developers and seemed to verify the perception among customers created by IT people, media, blogs, salespersons that Windows OS was crap.

        Absolutely Meego and Symbian were good OS’s. Not saying they weren’t. Market just wasn’t and still isn’t ready for another OS. The force is strong with iOS and Android 🙂 Heck, even Samsung can’t quite pull the trigger on Tizen…yet anyway.

        Well, anyway, that’s my take, right or wrong 🙂 All history now.

        For Nokia phone fans, let’s hope the brand is strong enough to challenge for 3rd place (first step). For investors, lets hope the new Nokia is strong and can not only compete, but excel in all areas (networks, health and health wearables, mobile, virtual/video)

    • Hemedans

      can you explain this to me?
      -why replace symbian s60v3 series with Nokia asha? symbian could run all java apps, it was full smartphone os and was efficient. the fastest symbian s60v3 phone had 600mhz cpu while most of asha phones had 1ghz cpu.

      why replace lightweight smartphone os whith slower dumb os?

      untill today i believe symbian would sell more than 100m units per year, just push symbian to lower price point and find alternative in highend device (meego+android+wp)

      • because dumb phone wouldn’t be dumb any more. There are people that would love to buy 50€ phone with wifi, 3G and ability to read mails, install whatsapp on it. But then cheap smartphones would be selling any more, and you need those to push you toward expensive smartphones that run things more smoothly…
        I loved Symbian, and above all would love to see it run some new Nokia phone, but those days are gone.