Nokia Mobile now present on Twitter

After coming first to Facebook, Nokia Mobile, the official account for the Nokia smart and feature phones and tablets, appeared on Twitter. If you are familiar with the Twitter, all you need to do is search @nokiamobile and you’ll find the account. Or, just follow the link.

So, there are just two more days to go and there you’ll be able to see tweets about Nokia phones!

Thx guys for the tip 😊

  • haven’t you guys seen the Nokia 3310 render? i think its fake though 😛

    • That was obvious 😀

    • Rocky Tirajean S

      that’s a fan made from baidu forum

    • ha ha, really? 🙂

      • yes! @baidunokibar posted it 🙂

  • they have joined it in september 2016?

    • Rocky Tirajean S

      AFAIK someone make @nokiamobile twitter before HMD, and HMD trying to get that username to Twitter, maybe they just got the right of username few days ago

  • guys here is another Nokia 3310 render and this one looks real 🙂

    Painted on my Surface Pro 4:— nokibar (@baidunokibar) February 25, 2017


    • Looks more real in comparison to the last one. Still Photoshop. He says he painted it in SP4 🙂

    • A guy, who knows a guy, who saw the new 3310, says it looks similar. 🙂

      • i didn’t understand what you are trying to say lol. 🙂

        • Nokibar’s concept is similar to the real device, said a source who saw the device.