Video: #Nokia 6 Camera Review by C4ETech

The (Indian) C4ETech YouTube channel did a great review of Nokia 6’s camera. When the phone was presented over a month ago in China, we knew it got a great camera for its price range. But, not so many tests were done properly, and this one is really good. C4ETech said that the camera of the Nokia 6 makes great daylight photos, even though the dynamic range could have been better. The photos are great in well-lit spaces, but the low light photography isn’t that great. The main reason is  the small pixels of the sensor. Ultra-Low light photos are just not usable, but hope that the LED flash is fast pulsing like in Lumia phones. Front facing camera is decent and will make great photos and video phone calls.

Check out the video and tell us what do you think?


Hope that some things can be tweaked for the global release of this device with the help of some Nokia photo veterans like Juha Alakarhu.


Zhank you LoveNokoia for teh tip 🙂

  • LoveNokia

    He has also done a gaming review. check it out 😊 you will like that too 😊

  • Rce

    So low end processor
    Over priced
    Average Camera..
    Welcome back HMD branded Nokia..

    • I’m excitet to see Nokia name back on smartphones, new smartphone cant be just about the aluminum casing and craftmenship. Hope they’ll be smarter with global version and for the same price raise the hardware options (Snapdr625, improve camera, nfc maybe?)

      • I don’t think they will improve the specs of Nokia 6 for global version because it will hurt the Chinese customers who recently bought it.
        They can do one thing… They can launch a completely new phone and Nokia 6 will remain China exclusive forever. 🙂

      • Rce

        Exactly, you got my apart from Chinese brands Motorola is coming with G5 plus with SD625,IP67 ,12mp dual pixel autofocus(same like Samsung S7),Sony imx 362(zenfone 3 zoom) sensor,metal build and great pricing under $280.. Also honor 6x,xiaomi mi5 are available at or below that price point and apart from Samsung every other brand have a better spec’d device at that price point..

    • Tiago Miguel Morgado Jorge

      If you compare it with Huawei’s and Samsung’s phones on it’s range price, this phones is the best.

      • It is, but what about Chinese competition, Xiaomi, Meizu, Oppo and friends? They have pretty good phones for the simmilar price.

        • Tiago Miguel Morgado Jorge

          At least in Europe, that brands are not so famous. Simply because many people buy their cell-phones to a mobile operator or to a main reseller, and none of these sells those devices. And even with the same specs, we, and the majority of the public, know that their performance isn’t so great as the one of a Nokia phone (Snapdragon processors are the best in industry as far as I know, HMD as Nokia’s patents, that’s why the camera of Nokia6 looks so nice. Besides all this, let’s not forget that Nokia is the most trusted brand in the market.

      • Rce

        Right now,you can’t compare Nokia with Samsung or Huawei ,they’re active company and they’re settled now in the android world while Nokia is resuscitating after 3 years that too from failures of Windows and Symbian,and also competition from other good brands is too high now days,Motorola,Honor even Lenovo,One Plus is giving better value for money devices, so to be successful in this day and age you have to play cautiously ,because just one more mistake and Nokia name will be gone forever,for ex-Htc,lg,Sony are already facing that persecution from masses

        • Tiago Miguel Morgado Jorge

          Yes, you can. Nokia brand is still much alive, people know it. They associate it with quality. And many fans only leaved Nokia becaused she (for me is “The Queen”) adopted WP. For the average consumer, that brands are not known and major resellers do not even know them.

    • Hemedans

      So which sub $200 phone has better camera, display, atmos audio, 4gb ram, 64gb storage, alluminium body and software support for two years like Nokia 6?

      • Rce

        First of all Nokia 6 is not under $200 device,it’s priced under $270..
        Next regarding devices Honor 6x is an better option that too under $250 ,Le Max 2 with an flagship grade processor snapdragon 820,aluminium build quality ,21mp camera with OIS,at $260..Lenovo P2 with much better battery,good processor, good camera at again $260..
        I think this list is enough.

        • Hemedans

          i didnt say nokia 6 is under $200,

          all of them are better in few area and lost in many other compare to Nokia 6

  • Check out this Nokia 3 concept from Concept Creator guys. I want Nokia phones to be like this 🙂

    • Definitely look great! Cheers for the tip