Video: #Nokia Mobile suggesting we will love Nokia 3310 again


Valentine day has passed but Nokia know that their fans are in love every day in her products, or the company. They (Nokia Mobile) have just published a video on the official YouTube channel that is all about the love between a man and Nokia 3310. It is a bit different than usual promo video, but it is certain proof that Nokia 3310 is coming in a revamped body. There is just 9 days to go now!

Check out the video below.

Maybe Drake could also do a song about calling Hot Line with Nokia 3310? 😊

  • Wat teh fuk, Nokia? Hope the half a billion euro marketing budget will be used better in the future.

    • Hope they’ll spend money wisely in the future. I could have rap that much worse for less money 🙂

      • LoveNokia

        Too many poor reviews of Nokia 6 on 😞

        • 300 negative reviews out of 17,000 doesn’t seem bad. I noticed that the camera’s lowlight performanse is the biggest minus.

  • Rce

    I wanna love you like my 808 pureview :p