Check out a great video review of #Nokia 6 by #Yugatech

Guys at Yugatech did the great video review of the Nokia 6, presented for the Chinese market. They got their device from the Philippine store Lazada, which unofficially started to sell the phone there at a bit higher price than over at Anyway, this review is great since it describes the device from numerous points, but the only thing I find off in the review is the laser focusing of the device. There should have been an opening for the laser incorporated in the camera module, but as I know it is not there. Nokia 6 just has a phase detection focusing capabilities, and those are functioning perfectly.

They are generally happy with the design and the specs, and are finding the camera and the screen extremely good for the price.

Do check out the video review.

  • Doug MacFarland

    You’re right, this is a good review. The back certainly does look like a fingerprint magnet haha. I’m loving the camera…the pictures look great. Over 3 weeks away from MWC…I really hope we see ‘satisfying’ news about the flagship device to hold us over.

    • Yea, that back is prone to fingerprints, so no eating of greasy food. But it is nice to see that the finish of the back looks more organic, like policarbonate.

      Don’t think that HMD will present the flagship device, believe it is still not ready and Samsung is holding the Snapdragon 835 chips so, better to wait a bit.