#Nokia6 has #Glance, but it’s not always on

One of the disappointing things we found out about the Nokia 6 right after the announcement was the lack of some iconic Nokia features like “Double Tap To Wake Up  (DT)” and “Glance Screen”. Now it seems that Nokia 6 has Glance, but only when the device is charging.

Nokia Sleeping Screen

Glance is a well know, and popular feature on Nokia phones that was copied from almost all phone manufacturers, who renamed the feature as “Always On”. One could argue that the Glance originates back to Nokia 3310. Later, on Symbian devices, it evolved to “Nokia Sleeping Screen”, but it was widely recognized when the iconic N9 came out in 2011, with DT and Glance. Higher end Lumia devices had it also, and know the 6 ‘kinda’ has it, but only while charging.

Nokia 6 status bar on Glance Screen

We hope that the global version of the Nokia 6, which we hope to see at MWC next month, will be packed with some iconic Nokia features like Glance (but always on)  and DT.

Source: Nokia Anew (YouTube)