#Nokia6: Best hands-on video; taken with Lumia 950XL (@baidunokibar)

The well known Nokibar made a hands on video of the Nokia 6. His video is by far the best hands on video in terms of quality and the content we saw about the Nokia 6. Even though there is no commentary, and the UI is in Chinese, Nokibar shows a lot about the 6′ UI, especially the settings app. Watch the video down below.


Here a few screenshots from the video:

Everything we know about Nokia 6

  • PNHD

    I’m wondering if we still have double tap to wake. Or if the flagship will have it along with glance screen. I know we do have the polarizing filter for the display and the dolby certified sound.

    • No, because it support fingerprint unlock. Nor the Glance screen.

      • Sorry to hear that, those options are great. But, we’ll get used to livie without them 🙂