#Nokia6 Dual-SIM appears on JD.com

One day after the announcement, HMD’s first Android smartphone Nokia 6 is present (but not yet available to buy) on JD.com, China’s biggest webshop. The price is as announced yesterday 1,699 CNY, which makes about 233 euros or 245 dollars. The device supports two nano-SIM cards, and the packaging consists of the device, charger, USB charging/data cable, headset, SIM card slot pin, and a quick start guide. Nokia 6 is expected to be available for purchase in early 2017.



It’s Official: This is #Nokia #6, #HMD’s first #Android smartphone

Gallery: First live photos of #HMD’s #Nokia6, and the retail box


  • Rce

    Pricing is really not right ,most of the reviewers saying that it’s over priced for the specs..

    • Tiago Miguel Morgado Jorge

      Really ? Did you saw the comparisons? I think that this phone is very well priced. Most of the reviews are monopolized by Samsung and Huwaei, and many fans (especially MSF fanboys) are afraid that Nokia can really disturb the market.

      • Rce

        Samsung and huawei doesn’t even belong to mid range segment, xiaomi- le eco-lenovo Motorola does and when you can get a glass designed Dolby supported SD 820/sd 808 based device at $279 then $240 for an SD 430 looks really over priced..
        And when a sd430 based redmi 3s is priced at $170 then people will forget about brand value,camera etc..

        • But 4GB RAM, 64GB memory, and a solid aluminum body could make up for the S430…

          • Rce

            SD 820,glass front and back ,16mp Sony imx sensor,ois,4gb ram 128gb internal Xiaomi mi5 priced at 2099 yuan only,on the other hand lenovo z2 plus with slightly lower camera priced at $280 for 4gb 64gb that too with a flagship grade Snapdragon 820,14nm 2.2ghz processor..tell me now..

          • Touché. That leaves me only with the high-quality aluminum argument. Yuge competition.

          • Rce

            Ha ha even $150 redmi 3s is also made of aluminum, so just for slightly better quality aluminum people will pay another $100 more? Really..
            And bdw mi5 is made of both side glass that too both side protected by corning gorilla glass 4.
            That’s why I’m saying this is not 2012,where brand name of Nokia will do the magic only in last 3 years smartphone market has completely changed.. Even a brand like Samsung is giving sd617,4gb ram for $300 in China to stay in fight..

          • But you can not compare Mi5 or Redmi 3 with Nokia 6. Those are totally different devices. Nokia 6 is of better quality then Redmi 3, and Mi5 is in higher price range.

            Xiaomi devices are great but the era of cheap Xiaomi devices has come to an end.

            If you think that 40$ is not big difference, trust me that it is for someone that can afford just 230 and not 280$… Then there is matter of brand (ok, not so much now) and then metter of what you get for money.
            Nokia 6 is nicely done and designed device, but need to test it before I can judge it.

          • Rce

            For Nokia fanboy like me and you it doesn’t even matter,for Nokia I can live with a Sd210 no problem, but in mass market I’m not sure other people will take the same approach, because I don’t want another failure from beloved Nokia..

          • I am a Nokia lover, but I appreciate my or my readers money. This phone looks great for value. But there are other things like official service, how battery will hold, will software updates be regular…
            If they went with SD210 that would be a disappointment, but this one is pretty much the same like SD617 (as I red somewhere) so it is great for 230$. Could it go cheaper, maybe… But, how? I don’t really know.

          • Rce

            Another attack from lenovo..
            Today lenovo launched p2 with 2.2ghz snapdragon 625,4gb ram,64 GB internal,5100mah battery theatermax for VR,TI amplifier for better sound,Amoled display and 13mp pdaf based camera for $275 in India,and then you think people will buy Nokia 6 instead of Lenovo p2..

          • Yep, this one has great specs… Only the logo is wrong :). Lets see how it will go.