Photo: #Nokia D1 packaging leaks (with specs)!

The photo of the Nokia D1 package has just emerged on the Chinese Baidu network. The photo reveals that standard blue box won’t be used, but rather white boy as latest Lumia models used to be packaged into. But photo reveals much more than just the shape and the colour of the package.

Now, the specification of the Nokia D1 has finally been confirmed. The device will come with latest version of Android OS (Nougat 7.0), 4 GB of RAM, octacore Snapdragon processor, 64 GB of internal memory which can be extended with the MicroSD card, 16MP main and 8 MP front facing camera, and it will have DOLBY ATMOS sound algorithms that will give the device speakers richer bass sound. Device will have 5.5 inch 1080p screen which is a standard for the mid-range devices today.

Photo reveals the black version of the device, but we saw that the D1 will also come in silver version of the aluminum body.


  • Rce

    Fake, there’s no SD 635 plus the device looks like Huawei mate 9 Porsche..

    • I mistranslated this processor number, it is just octacore, not 6XX series… Thx for the info

      • Rce

        I’m expecting a device with SD 625/652 so there are chances,but the design doesn’t look like Nokia design..

        • Hemedans

          there is newer sd 660 which use 14nm manufacturing technology, and probably will have cortex a73 instead of cortex a72.

          that soc will be used in mid to highend phone

          • Rce

            It’s highly unlikely that Nokia will use a that much new processor in their device and that too within 2 months of announcement of that particular processor..

          • Hemedans

            sd835 and 660 always they leak together, and probably they will be announced together, so if there will be flagship with sd835 then why not?

          • Rce

            Because it’s Nokia, always famous for under spec’d devices and slow in terms of spec-competition.

          • Hemedans

            name one device which used to have more specs than lumia 520/525 in its price range.

            lumia 520 use krait cpu which were available only on flagship device, while low and midrange android device at that time were using cortex a7, flagship of that time phone like galaxy s3, htc one x, moto x, etc used to have snapdragon s4 (dual core krait 300) which was same as one found on lumia 520 except clock speed.

            even lumia 920 when come out it was specs champion, no phone could match it in terms of specification.from wireless charging, 60hz pure motion display, best optical image stabilization on market, krait cpu, HAAC mics etc

            later on when Microsoft delay windows phone updates and buy Nokia device then under specs device were anounced phone like lumia 830, 650 etc but that you can not blame Nokia

          • Rce

            What about Nokia 720,630 ? And what about Moto g,Sony Xperia M ?..Forget about 730,830,930..

            And the generation you’re talking about is long gone at that time there was no no Chinese brands,
            and now people can get Sd820 based device under $300,so when a brand is launching sd430 powered device at $249,when sd820 based Lenovo z2 plus is available at $279, then you can easily expect how they’ll price a sd660 based device and that’s what Nokia always did from the Sybian era’s dumb phones to Windows era,yes their absolute low end ones looked like value for money then because no other brand was giving that but now Xiaomi, Le eco ,Lenovo, Motorola ,Huawei honor will simply kill them at that price bracket..
            And a comeback with sd430 at $249 is not the right step in 2017..

          • Hemedans

            moto g and xperia m are not same generation as lumia 620/520
            -lumia 620 december 2012
            -lumia 520 february 2013
            -xperia M august 2013
            -moto g november 2013

            so it take android oems almost one year to match lumia low end specs, and device like moto g with sd 400 is still cortex a7 so it is inferior to krait cpu.

            and those x30 lumia device were anounced when microsoft already anounced to purchase Nokia, even though deal was not 100% complete but MS has influence on device.

            if you want Nokia to produce $279 flagship is like saying
            -i dont want pureview camera
            – i dont want good build quality
            – i want crap display
            -i want crap mic etc

            and world is much big, those chinese oem only sell products in india and china what about rest of the world? where we buy galaxy j7 for $250 to $300?

          • Rce

            I’m not expecting a $279 flagship from Nokia,..
            But where is pureview and Carl Zeiss in the newly announced Nokia 6?
            It’s just an camera with pdaf- no Carl Zeiss,no pure view not even laser autofocus, while Moto g4 plus is already available with laser autofocus and sd617 and with good quality speakers, and regarding build quality remember Xiaomi, honor is giving metal devices within $200 with Snapdragon 625,650 etc..

            And, right now China and India is two of the largest smartphone market in the world and if Nokia have to return back to the top then these two markets will be extremely important more than us market..
            So, I’m expecting this device at around $200-$210 range during global launch, it’s not even SD 625/650/652 just old 28nm based sd430..

          • Hemedans

            -about camera, please wait for review
            -about audio quality, nokia 6 has dolby atmos which is good
            -sd 617 is inferior to sd430 especialy gpu.

            this phone also has polarise layer like clear black display, but problem Nokia cant say clear black or pureview because Microsoft own those brand name. i wont be suprised if this phone has pureview like technology.

          • Rce

            Let’s hope for the best, waiting for that killer Nokia camera..But we’ll miss the Carl Zeiss branding..

  • Tiago Miguel Morgado Jorge

    That’s probably fake! It doesn’t have Google’s or Android’s symbol! And that Nokia looks like a chinese copy of the iphone.

    • Hm, don’t know about the TM sign, have few Android devices and on their packages is printed Android 6.0, no TM mark. But there you can see TM marked snapdragon logo…
      Design is what we saw before from leaked photos and looks a bit like Meizu or Xiaomi devices, but then, look better then samsung devices 🙂

  • Rce

    Strangely this is Nokia’s first comeback phone Nokia 6 and it’s official..