#Microsoft confirms: #HMD to launch 2 mobile phones this year, and at least 2 #Nokia smartphones in early 2017


According to James Rutherfoord, CEO of mobile device commodities of Microsoft Asia, HMD Global is expected to launch two Nokia branded feature phones this year, and at least two Nokia branded Android smartphones in early 2017. This information was mentioned during a meeting between representatives of  Microsoft and the distributor FPT Trading last week in Vietnam.

Nokia set to return to Mobile market

Microsoft’s phone manufacturing factory in Bac Ninh, Vietnam, was sold to Foxconn’s subsidiary FIH Mobile for $350 million dollars. Reports suggest that the factory is ready to start manufacturing two new Nokia phones, that are expected to launch by the end of this year.

Rajeev Suri will speak at #MWC 2017 event

Apart from the two feature phones, one of which could be Nokia 216, we can expect a big Android tablet called Nokia D1C, and a Nokia-branded Android flagship from HMD Global. CEO of Nokia China said that HMD will launch new devices by the end of this year, including smartphones.


  • Rce

    So two phones One Flagship with different screen size and one mid ranger..And probably MWC 2017..

    • Yes, one tablet and one flagship, but I think there will be midranger, high class and tablet revealed at the MWC.

      • Rce

        Yes,even CES will also be an option for the announcement..and I think Nokia/HMD is actually waiting for Snapdragon 830 ,10nm will be better for the management of Graphene sensor..and one mid ranger with Snapdragon 625/626 or even 653..